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...and the riches within you

Words like "commitment" and "persistence" probably do not rank amongst the world's most favourite words. But they are the key to achieving anything of true value.

A casual observation of our modern society reveals a widespread tendency towards taking shortcuts. We live in a fast paced world these days, we have so much available to us at our fingertips, and we are quite often programmed to look for the quick and easy path to achieve our goals.

Now I must apologize if I’ve started off sounding a little cynical, but let’s face it…many of us are just a little bit addicted to the idea of "get rich quick", whether we seek financial riches, physical riches or even emotional or spiritual riches. The truth is...

The Riches are Already Within You

Did you know that you can have anything you want in life? Happiness, health and wealth…it’s available to us all, but so many of us spend our lives waiting and hoping for these things to just "happen" to us.

Everyone wants peace, harmony and happiness in their life,
but how many
of us really
to living
our lives this way?

Do not underestimate the simple, powerful act of making a commitment, whether it is to your health, to a relationship, or to success in any aspect of your life.

The inner riches that are available to you are more powerful than any riches that you might find "on the shelf". Your inner power and drive are ignited when you commit to an idea or a goal. When you are clear about what you desire, and you make it your intention to achieve it, then your dedication will highlight the importance of that desire in every fibre of your being, and will bring about positive changes that will dazzle you. As Paulo Coelho says in these great quotations, 'When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.'

Elevating the Status of Your Meditation

If you are reading this, then there is a good chance that you are someone who values peace and happiness. You’re probably someone who is interested in meditating, or perhaps you are already meditating and you are looking for ways to go deeper than you have before. Maybe you are ready to make a deeper spiritual commitment in life, and deep meditation is a part of that journey for you. 

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A subtle, but powerful way to deepen your meditation is to "elevate the status" of meditation in your life. When you "elevate the status" of something, you highlight its importance through action. You are putting your intention and commitment into action. 

There are a number of things that you might do to elevate that status of meditation in your life. Here are just two examples:

You could seek out a teacher or a coach to help keep you focused on meditation, or you could go to meditation classes. You could dedicate a space in your home to meditation by designing a meditation room to use. By making a space that is for meditating only, even if it’s just a corner of a room, you are elevating the status of meditation in your life. These are just two examples of how you might demonstrate your dedication to meditation.

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 It’s worth mentioning that you can deepen your meditation simply by making a mental commitment to do so. In this sense, you have dedicated yourself by making an internal declaration of intention. But some people find that it is easier to express this sort of a dedication by taking active steps to elevate the status of meditation in their lives. 

Making a commitment to yourself…it’s such a simple idea that it is almost tempting to ignore it. But acts of dedication always unleash so many of the riches within you…enthusiasm, drive, focus, inspiration, clarity of purpose. Whether the commitment you make is purely internal, or whether it involves direct action, you’ll find that when you dedicate yourself to deep meditation, or indeed to any aspect of your life, you will experience a great many positive changes.

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