For Lovers of Meditation


by Joy

I meditate to keep my mouth tamed because i never think before i speak. My tongue would say hurtful words. I meditate to be grateful for my life

'cause others live in a hell. Since some people are always on the verge of death. I meditate to find peace, clarity, hope and wisdom. My ego was huge and as each day goes by it deflates more into love. I meditate to calm my mind. So that i can control it. Each day gets longer as i meditate because I'm starting to realize how to live in present time and not on the future or past.

I started to meditate when my family and friends made me realize that self-image and conformity were taking over my life. I meditate while keeping close with my breath or giving thanks to the Lord. Meditation has helped me stay afloat
on reality and to notice that my problems are nothing to worry about.

Yes so far meditation HAS improved my life in so many ways im more understanding, helpful, and stress free. Meditation can help you too but do it the right way in your right times. Don't push this upon you if you want to try this part of lifestyle just naturally let ease into you. If you decide to do this then just focus your concentration skills trust me you will get better at it as each practice goes by. Think about in your free time to make it a part of you. Pursue it make it a goal. I really hope YOU reach this goal.

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