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Bluebell Wood Meditation Script

by Neil Rodgers

This meditation is called Bluebell Wood

Your journey takes you into the world of mystique and entrancement - make sure you are sitting comfortable for this meditation journey into Bluebell Wood, this enchanting journey will refresh your mind with heavenly light, filtered by the purity of the leaves and caressed by the gentle breeze.
The way to Bluebell Wood is down the old Roman road once used to transport soldiers and weapons of a bygone age, the walls at each side of the road are no longer in existence but lie in ruins leaving only a central pathway in which to walk, the golden yellow gorse bushes are mixed in with spring time leaves of wimberry and heather, the rabbits scurry away as you approach but the hillsides are now quiet with only the sound of lambs bleating and the distant call of the curlews.
Along one side of the wood there is a vast lake - on reaching the wood you meet the old Shepherd tending his sheep, resting on his crook he said, please keep to the path to protect the bluebells as they are only here for a short time.
The wood is surrounded by a high wall, built in the wall is a beautiful archway with an inset door for you to open, you slide the bolt and the door opens with ease, the open door reveals a pathway leading directly into the wood our journey is about to begin.
As you slowly stroll along the pathway the bluebells on either side of you fill the air with springtime freshness, that only this special place can give, the wood is so silent, the only sound to be heard is the rustle of the leaves and the wind chimes, that are being gently disturbed by the light breeze.
The flickering sun light dances on your face, giving you a feeling of total contentment, and you begin wonder are you alone in the wood, or is some special guardian looking after you, putting the thought to the back of your mind you progress further into the wood.
The trees sway slightly in the breeze, giving a gentle rustle of the leaves, as if they seem to be trying to whisper a message, that you are totally at peace in the wood, continuing along the path a fallen tree forms a seat for you to rest.
You wonder just how many people may have passed this way before, without taking the time to sit and admire the surrounding mysteries of the wood, but something tells your subconscious mind that you should stop here and rest a while.
Sitting down on the tree you listen to the silence of the wood, and you are certain that someone calls your name, surely not, but again your name is called, you look round but no one is there.
The tree leaves begin to turn upwards to the sky, letting in a wide ray of sunlight directly around the place were you are sitting, as you look towards to the sky, the light is so bright that you can hardly see, shielding your eyes to protect them you look back down into the wood.
The light has spread out in all directions, giving the carpet of bluebells a vivid spectrum of caressing colour which you have never seen before, and you now have the feeling that you are shrouded by this celestial medium of light.
The carpet of light is surrounded with Angels, their features mirrored by the powder blue colour reflected from the petals of the bluebells, and you know now that you are in a special place.
The Angels stay with you for a while, but then the tree leaves begin to rustle and the wind chimes ring out, as if whispering that special message that it is the calling to the Angels to leave this place and return to their celestial home, The Angels gently leave knowing that their task is complete, having looked over you on your journey.
As the Angels begin to return to their celestial home, the light that surrounds you fades away, leaving the flickering rays of the afternoon sun, filtering through the leafy treetops, but remaining with you to refresh your mind and body, with the golden glow of nature.
Retracing your steps through the wood, the sun is now setting over the lake the reflection colouring the still water with its golden glow, the same glow that is within you after your vision in the wood.
You reach the door and pass through the archway closing the door and leaving the stillness of the wood behind.
It is now time to complete your journey, and retain the heavenly light that you have experienced along the pathway of your journey and return back to your everyday life, with your mind refreshed with the presence of mystery and the mystique of Bluebell Wood.
To assist your return I will now count you back 10----------------1 you are back, when you are ready open your eyes, and remember your meditation journey into Bluebell Wood.
Neil Rodgers

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Bluebell Wood
by: Sandie

I loved your Bluebell Wood meditation.

Why? Because I come from an area where the bluebell woods are vast, and I grew up with experiencing the magic which comes with April and the bluebells.

I use a meditation for myself, and occasionally others, about the bluebell woods of my past, the misty colours, the carpet at its peak.

Quite wonderful.

You very obviously have experienced exactly the same feelings, maybe in your travels, maybe where you live.

If it is from your travels, I very much look forward to seeing more meditations from you.

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