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Beta Brain Waves

Beta brain waves usually dominate during normal waking consciousness, that is to say, during your normal daily life. They occur from frequencies of between 12 Hz up to 30 Hz, but they are often split into three categories:

  1. Low beta waves are from 12-15 Hz
  2. Beta waves are from 15 – 20 Hz
  3. High frequency beta waves are from 20 – 30 Hz

Binaural Meditation Music

In most cases, brainwave entrainment of beta wave frequencies is not much use to anyone who wants to meditate, but there are a couple of circumstances in which beta brainwave entrainment can be useful.

Firstly, if you are over stimulated and are generating high frequency beta waves you may be feeling anxious or stressed. A gentle reduction in beta activity will help you to feel more calm and balanced without disrupting your ability to think clearly.

Secondly, entraining your beta waves can help regulate and stabilize your normal waking awareness, which can be very useful for people with conditions such as insomnia, depression or ADD. Entrainment of your beta waves may also be used to increase your ability to concentrate and may even improve your IQ. 

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