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Awakening of Life Purpose

by Marie

Meditation has changed my life in ways that words cannot fully describe.

I initially started meditating ten months ago. I seemed to be procrastinating about it for much longer however! I used to suffer with depression and anxiety on / off for many years. I would consider that I used to have quite a negative view of the world.

The above is in past tense and I feel this is because I meditate. I finally went on a beginners course in meditation. This inspired me to start carrying out my own research on meditation and spirituality. This led to accessing sites such as this one.

It's interesting how people still think that it's about 'clearing your mind' and people often say it's so difficult to concentrate on nothing. My initial experience was like this; I found it very difficult to slow down the constant chatter but I learnt through regular practice that the chatter was ok and to just keep bringing my focus back to for example my breathing.

I started meditating every day and began with 10-15 minutes. This has since increased to 30mins. I have followed various guided meditation.

The impact it was and still is having on me is immense. I used to get physically unwell more frequently -now my ability to let my mind and body go into deep relaxation every day I feel has undoubtedely improved my immune system. My previous negative thoughts and self belief I feel, were the root of many of the sick periods I had.

I now
feel more in control of my thoughts and if I 'slip' into a negative thought, I now acknowledge it but do not 'fuel' it - I now turn it around and try and replace with positivity. This is not easy. Not after 30 years of set responses! I've learnt to be kind to myself and not be a slave to my past or be burdened by a future that hasn't happened. This has enabled me to appreciate the here and now. It's amazing when you have that awakening - by stopping still.

My relationships at work, socially and personally have vastly improved. My partner can't get over how dramatically I have changed - for the better! :).

I feel more connected to life and the Universe. I have asked for guidance around my purpose and have been amazed by all the 'signs', the synchonicity. I would personally like to go into therapeutic work and healing and my neighbour who I previously never spoke with, told me about a healing course she was on. I couldn't have received a louder sign than that :).

Life without meditation? I can't now imagine. On a simplistic level, it helps me relax and escape from any stresses of the working day, on a deeper level - I have experienced an 'awakening of life purpose.'

I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial meditation for everyone is. I believe it should be 'taught' in schools - a future generation of people who are 'awake' to their consciousness. Wow :).

xxxxxx Peace & Love xxxxxx

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Well said.
by: Anonymous

Shake off the mental shackles and allow the mind peace then the mind will allow the body peace.

Love your passion
by: Cary

Wow. Your story is just so intense and full of passion for meditation. I agree - they should teach meditation in school. The world sure needs a big dose of calm right now!

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