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Angel Healing Meditation (for self and others to send healing to)

by Carla
(St. Petersburg, FL, USA)


Please begin by taking everything off your laps.
Find a comfortable position and close your eyes.
Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth slowly.
Take another deep breath in through your nose and this time exhale very slowly.
Take one more deep breath and hold it….. Release and let your exhale be longer than your inhale.

Now, go deep within to that place of peace, Love and oneness with GOD.

Imagine yourself walking on a path through a huge forest. The trees are tall and majestic. The path you walk on is soft, a mixture of soil, fallen leaves, pine needles and moss. As you walk your body relaxes- you marvel at the beauty of your surroundings…… so peaceful…… so beautiful… you see small flowers all along the path, … huge ferns grow everywhere. The air is still and you can smell the faint scent of pine and clean air…. You can hear the distant chirping of birds, the gentle rustling of leaves as you take in the magnificence of this beautiful forest. Sunlight filters through the tall trees onto the forest floor like huge shafts of brilliant gold. As you continue walking you feel a gentle breeze blowing. The leaves on the trees shift and sway in the soft wind. …… you are at peace ….. As you continue your walk along this path you see ahead of you a brilliant beam of sunlight….. as you walk closer you see it is a large white staircase going up through the clouds into the heavens. The staircase is so illuminated it shimmers in the sunlight. You move forward and slowly begin to climb this shimmering staircase. As you take one step and then another you marvel at how easily you climb and yet how high each step takes you. As you continue your climb you look to either side and see the tops of the trees as you climb higher and higher. ….. Soon… the forest below appears as a small green emerald ….. As you climb even higher you take another step up…. And pass through the clouds… you feel the cool mist on your face as you walk through and see before you an enormous domed Temple of gleaming white pearl with 8 large columns supporting a glowing gold dome. The temple rests on the clouds.
As you step into this large temple you see large pillows in front of you spread across the floor in a long row …. These pillows are the deepest shade of purple and radiate with beauty. As you go to a pillow and sit….. you look around at this beautiful temple.
You see each enormous column is wrapped with a deep green vine and the most vividly colored flowers. Through each column you see the sky which is a soft pink with light shades of lavender. You feel the sacred peace of this temple. As you gaze around a host of Angels descend from the heavens and enter through each opening between the columns. Their large wings moving so gracefully …. Their faces emanating pure love…. Their auras so brilliant …….. They take their place one by one behind each person sitting on the pillow… their energy so calming….. their love so overwhelming….. In unison they kneel behind each of you sitting on the pillow and slowly bow their heads, …… as their hands clasp in prayer their enormous wings gently open and fold around you……. You are washed in a sea of unconditional love and joy…. Let us take a moment to thank our CREATOR. PAUSE….

As we end our moment of healing and prayer the Angels gently unfold their wings from around us and stand….. as we stand and turn around they gently touch the side of our face and we know …ALL IS WELL

As we move away from our pillow we turn to where we first came in and see the people who we hold in thought for healing. …. They walk in slowly one by one and take a seat on a pillow. The sight of these glorious holy beings as they stand behind each person is comforting……..

Once again in graceful unison they kneel and bow their heads ….. as they clasp their hands in prayer their powerful wings open up and fold around each person you have asked for healing. Let us take a moment to bow our heads and pray with the Angels.
As you finish your prayer, you watch each Angel unfold their wings ever so gently and slowly stand up. As the people on the pillows stand and turn, the Angels take their hand and gently hold it for a brief moment… Prayers have been answered …. And so it is.

As you start to make your way to the staircase you turn around once more to see these beautiful beings…..

The Angels have assembled in a large group… they smile …. And in the sweetest of voices that sound as ONE they say……. REMEMBER…. We ARE ALL ONE… Go in Peace and Love one another as we Love you…..

You slowly walk out of the temple and begin your descent down…. You are filled with awe and gratitude for this Blessing…. You are full of peace knowing you are never alone.

With each step down you begin to see the forest below… it shimmers like a thousand green lights… you see the tops of the trees as you continue down each step ….
And now you see everyone who received a healing …. Waiting below… As the last person steps off the staircase someone grabs your hands as you form a circle around the beautiful gleaming staircase……. You raise your arms high and thank GOD …. Knowing you are NEVER ALONE AND ALL IS WELL…

You are back in the present now… when you are ready you can open your eyes and dwell on the thought……WE ARE ALL ONE …

GOD Bless you…

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exhort utterance to be occurence over him
by: john fondel, jim morrison

i need mike magoon to be protected by guardians and angels as well as advocates forever from evil forces, so it shall be by your grace and utterances

Angel Healing Meditation
by: Arlene

Absolutely peaceful and beautiful, calming and powerful. Thank you.

by: Anonymous

What a lovely meditation. THANK YOU!

by: sandie

Beautiful x

by: Laurice

Beautiful*** Angel bumps! Thank-You and Bless You*

gods love for us
by: rev.laurie

you are truly blessed and I am so proud of you. love REv. Laurie

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