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Alchemy of the Soul: Understanding Shadow Self

by Elizabeth Marquez
(St. Petersburg, FL, USA)

As the Earth has been shifting and paradigms regarding humanities have been changing, many were not expecting to go through this grind of stripping and releasing, myself included. What if this is the paramount moment, a necessary time to focus on a clearing and cleansing; a rearranging and exchanging in the areas of our own perspectives, paradigms, and emotional triggers. What if soul alchemy is a process of transmutation to our internal being, including the lovely and not so lovely parts of ourselves, to push us into a higher frequency or higher thoughts so the next wave is possible?

By definition, Alchemy is the chemical process of transmuting a substance with little value like metal into something of much value, like gold. In the aspect of human transformation, it is a self metamorphoses of dense, egoistic energy into a golden conscious vibrational energy; a stripping of the old to open up for the new.

The time is now. We all are capable of readjusting our reality. Waves of solar flares, all types of eclipses, cardinal grand cross and such have been rolling through, creating some quantum potential in the universe that are critical moments streaming through amplifying awareness to triggers. These will continue into 2015, creating shifts not just externally but internally also. The time is here to stand in our power with strength to not let these amplified moments of energy take us back, but instead to move forward into consciousness.

In these moments, it's about being aware of these shadow aspects of self while integrating them into my our being by revealing the darker parts of self. This means being able to infuse the unwanted behaviors, the shadow self, or the unconscious thought with our conscious self. Two becoming one; combining the hidden issues or the triggers of the unconscious that hold us down by becoming more self aware in order to lift these issues into the power we claim it to be. Its not about avoiding the pain we might experience by digging a grave for it, but instead its about consciously focusing on these war-like energies that we embed inside of ourselves, and realigning it to create balance.

What do you mean integrate these unconscious/difficult spots inside that are afraid to come out? I mean consciously being the observer of these war-like energies within our selves; focusing on what makes them act the way the do, and redirecting these energies to suit the higher self. For instance, jealousy can be a shadow aspect. Take my experience for example. I was feeling jealousy when my friend was telling me this epic story about how she went to this camping retreat and how she had an amazing time. I realized these feelings begin to surface, so I took that moment to ask myself what is making me feel this way? Where is this block of resentment coming from, and how do I change it? Well, from this little activity, the realization was that I haven't gone into nature in awhile and it was myself wanting to be out in nature. So what I did instead of embedding these feeling and holding them in, I took the next few days to go to the park, the sea wall, and just be in nature to realign this jealous feeling into a feeling of happiness and alignment.

In the scientific aspect, quantum physics states that reality is a hologram and all are mere reflections, in the sense that photons have an identical angle of polarization from one another after separation. In other words, when we blame others for igniting this feeling of a negative emotion, it is within us that is creating that negative emotion. What comes from the trigger itself can be a reflection of how we feel inside ourselves. Understanding that reality is a mirror image can help release a blame game or a victim role to acknowledge and embrace these flaws. Those feelings of jealousy, anger, resentment, sadness etc. are the wounds within ourselves that we maybe projecting out to another because it is that aspect within us that we want to change. This is also true for anyone projecting their frustration out on you.

In addition, this is the time to take the initiative to embark on this realization, because if you go against this shifting grain it will bring you back to the moment of hostility until the internal self is aware that changes need to happen. It only takes one change of thought at a time. Just for a minute, focus on those thoughts at those random times when you blurt something out or do something and you think afterward why did I do that? It's taking these moments and becoming aware of it, and asking yourself what makes me do this action? when does this happen, and how can I change it? It's about owning up to these unconscious energies and finding out what is within you that is blocked and what needs to come up to the conscious surface to ignite this change.
Its about understanding the trigger that creates this, reclaiming the triggers and projection to benefit the higher good of conscious self.

The process of heating and cooling an element allows for the release of energy and the transformation from one element to another. This process can turn dark into light, silver into gold, or two into one. The soul involves an alchemical process that manages to strip away what doesn't belong, while infusing all the necessary parts to create one. Experiencing the emotion and being conscious of these moments to alter it for a better use may be is what we are here to do. To switch from a duality to oneness. Maybe it is to experience these feelings with a centered and observant heart, to listen to the aspects of ourselves we have hidden, to free ourselves into unity as a whole. Enlighten those darker parts. Do you dare to see and to love?

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