For Lovers of Meditation

Acknowledge All Awareness

by Cassandra Turner-Drakeford
(Charlotte North Carolina)



Welcome To Acknowledge All Awareness
A Combination of Mindfulness together with a Guided Meditation

Please sit comfortably and place your intentions to withstand a period time sitting in the present while acknowledging thoughts that come and go during meditation.

Upon sitting comfortably allow yourself to take 3 deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Exhales are designed to release all of the day to day mundane, cares of the world, various barriers, work situation, expectations, past and future thoughts that surface.

This meditation will be approximately 20 minutes. I will guide and I will be your time keeper. Upon the end of the meditation you will be awaken by a small bell sound.

Please Close Yours and take 3 more deep breaths. Relax your body and relax your mind. Relax your toes, your ankles,your legs, your knee caps are relaxed and your thighs have sunken into relaxation. Relax your pelvic and lower back. Breath naturally while visualizing and feeling our heart with a warm golden substance feeling your heart. Relax your left arm down pass your elbow down to your finger tips and same for Right arm. Relax your throat, jaws, cheeks and eyes all the way to your crown Chakra.

Imagine above your crown Chakra one of the largest, fluffiest white cloud is blubbering. It appears to be whispering for you to join it's journey.

You settle into the cloud. The softness is of silk cotton and against one's skin is indescribably soft. Riding this cloud is not like any ride ever experienced. Continue by imaging all the enjoyment you are experiencing such as the softness, white and bright vibrations, gentle peace all other greatness.

Take your time as you bring yourself back into awareness. Opening your eyes when you are ready. Stretch your legs, point your toes and stretch your arms.

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