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Accepting all of you!!

by barkha shah
(delhi, india)

Accepting all of you

What does it mean by "all of you"?
you are one physical entity that one sees in the mirror. But do you accept who you see in the mirror.
ok maybe you do...
Do you accept who you think you are or believe you are. Do you accept your scars, your short comings, your hair, your height .... all of it

Let's say you do, then the question is do you accept your present life, your past choices, the people you choose to be with, your job/ career. Mow let's say you accept all of who you are in this present life.
you accept your regrets, failures, your monetary situation, all of it.
Then comes the part when you accept your habits, no judgment, all of your likings, dislikes, all you lifestyle choices and no second guessing. Like maybe you should change this or that so you are more liked by people or even yourself.
Accept it all, all of it, without judgment.

Now once you accept this much of you, go look in the mirror and say "I accept all of you"

like you will accept your loved ones. Like you accept all of their supposedly "flaws". But you love them, their whole package.

Just accept them, you, all of this is a mirror. all the thoughts that came in your head have to be of acceptance.

Now, there is more to you that you see in that mirror. Like what you see is the visible part of the light spectrum but we all know that there are invisible frequencies both up and below the said spectrum. In same manner there is more of you than meets the eye. Literally

Now, if you are familiar with the concept of your higher and your lower self, the one with more wisdom than "your inner voice" and the one lower to you "the mean little voice" there are many more than just these two.
your ego, your potentials, your aspirations, your future self, karmic self, your soul, your spirit, sub conscious. all of these can be either separate entities of higher or lower self or just one label but these are also part of you. you may not be able to see them or be able to distinguish them from each other most of the time but they are there none the less.

So, do you accept all of this. Accept them firstly knowing they exist, knowing they have a mind of their own and accept they are the for your protection , love and care and growth. they will never do anything to harm you or punish you. Accept all of you ethereal, astral, spiritual, animal, reptilian self.

all of it

now again say,

"I accept all of me"" giving stress to all initially.

think about all the different parts of you. try to experience them with your thoughts. try recognizing and distinguishing them and if need or if you feel like giving them individual names. try distinguishing their different personalities.

Once you do give them a penny for your thoughts, I believe you will experience some kind of a "pop" in yourself. Like when you open a pressurized can of chocolates. you will feel like wanting to have a real conversation with yourself.
please do give yourself that time to really assimilate this feeling in yourself that yes you are more than what you see in that mirror. and yes you accept it all.

Here I have named just a few that I recognize and feel in me but you can have more or completely different set of you. Don't confine yourself to labels but do try to actually going in your thoughts, experiences and intellect to distinguish and discover all of you.

I experienced a feeling of awe when I saw all of me and yet feel there is much more to me than I am able to perceive. its ever expanding, you know y?

Because we are limitless, when ever your reach a point where you feel like putting a boundary, know that that boundary is just a signifying a level. just like concentric circles are never ending. what lies beyond one circle or in the deeper section towards the center is one's own to discover.

Once you go through these stages of
in the same order or of your own, the very least change that will happen is that you will see yourself and others differently and will accept your anger , your needs, your temptations more.

people say that if you accept something it becomes easier.
wont it be easier to accept, " yes, I am angry right now and its okay."
what you think will happen, will you become more aggressive or calmer?

I believe if you only accept you as you are, you will become more aware of your feelings and why you do feel angry or tempted. it will be easier to distinguish between anger and the reason of anger. Thus this clarity will let you put your anger in more reasonable words that will be readily heard by any other person.

You will be able to know why you got tempted in eating more cake. you will be more educated about yourself because you didn't look away but saw and accepted who you are, beyond societal norms, beyond perceive notion of good or bad, beyond judgment even of your own self.

And then each that, saying " I accept all of me" will become easier, deeper and inspirational. When you accept somebody for who they are, you become more calmer towards them, more patient, more giving like you will to your toddler. So when you Accept you, all of you. What you think will happen?
yes, you will automatically fall in love with yourself.
Accepting is the hard part, loving comes more naturally to us.

Barkha shah
July 2017
Delhi, India

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