For Lovers of Meditation


by Brenda K.
(Glen Innes, NSW, Australia.)

Loss is what prompted me to find/seek peace I knew must be there.

I'm not sure if you call what I do meditation, but I feel it is, of a sort. I very simply look inside me first then allow the power I know is there to expand. I listen and hear all around me and know all is one. (That's the best I can explain it. And it was the study of Erkhart Tolle books that helped.)

What it has done for me is allow others to be as they are. This to me is very important. And I've seen how the peace of allowing others works to bring peace to them.

I realise I can recommend meditation to others but each must also find their own way.

My life without mediation would certainly be less peaceful.

I am very thankful.

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