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5 times Science and Spirituality met up.

by J.Luis

5 times Science and Spirituality met up.

Science and spirituality don’t really get along. After all, science is all about explaining the physical world which can be immediately experienced and observed. Spirituality stems from explanations of what can’t be observed. So obviously these two can never cross paths right? The world makes sense this way, and it’s easy to choose one or the other.
Then there’s the other times, when these two get together and have tie at the behest of everyone.
These times, science laughs right in the face of rationality and demands a more spiritual outlook. While science at first turned people away from religion and the spiritual vein, new advances in science have people actually turning back to a spiritual side. Here’s just a few advances that border on the spiritual and even downright spooky.

1. The Placebo phenomenon.
Your body can change entirely on your belief, causing symptoms that aren’t there, or erasing illness altogether. Either way the placebo phenomenon only seems to happen when the mind is fully convinced. Some may argue that one could cure cancer this way, but nobody is holding their breath. However, this may have more practical applications, in that one could theoretically have a better workout, lose weight faster, strengthen their immunity and overall feel healthier, simply by applying and strengthening their belief.

2. You lose weight when you die.
Now at first glance, it makes sense. After all, if you die, don’t you lose your breath, or certain bodily matter? But actually, after accounting for breath, and all body matter, there’s still about 21 grams missing. Duncan Mcdougell first discovered this in 1901, and so far while other experiments show that the weight varies, it still cannot be accounted for. Furthermore, Mcdougell’s experiments showed that animals don’t lose weight only people. Could it really be a “Soul”? Or do our minds even hold weight? This mystery is just all the more easier to swallow when we err on the side of a “soul”.

3. We can photograph auras.
Apparently there’s all sorts of things you need to do with your aura. You have to clean it, you have to strengthen it, and make sure it doesn’t stain the carpet. It’s no wonder an aura is an easy target for skeptics, yet the finger photographs taken by a John. H. Slate, Ph.d, are said to be photographs of the aura. Of course, he also speaks of psychic vampires, as well as ways to stop them. Still, the aura seems to remain as one of the more elusive and less tangible aspects of spirituality.

4. Water can be influenced by thoughts.
The works of a Dr. Masaru Emoto, show that water can be deliberately affected by thoughts and images. It’s as though we may have a greater influence then we realize, as water seems to notice us. The fact that water can be influenced, may also explain how the placebo effect works so well. After all, a good part of our body is just water, and we are emitting constant thoughts. Suddenly, reminsicing on negative thoughts in a body that can basically “notice” and read these thoughts doesn’t seem so good. As a matter of fact...

5. Alot of things seem to notice us.
You may have heard of the double slit experiment, where observation determines where a particle is. However, it goes even further when we can prevent radioactive decay. The quantum zeno effect happens when radioactive decay is stopped by observation. Science has questioned the boundaries of human influence further when random number generators have been influenced. Scientists have determined that even random number generators can be effected by thought as well.

These are but a few of the discoveries science has made where the line between the science and spirituality are just blurred or otherwise wiped away entirely. There are scientists claiming evidence of things such as esp, and remote viewing. With this new age of scientific spirituality, who knows what we’re going to discover next?

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