Learn About Meditation

This page is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn about meditation. Much of the following information is for people who are newcomers to meditation, but even if you are a seasoned, long-term practitioner of meditation, these resources are bound to open your eyes to some new angles and some effective ways to deepen your meditation experience.

Learn How to Meditate

Want to learn how to meditate? Start your journey here.
Brand new to meditation? Here's one essential tip you shouldn't miss.
Want to jump in and try meditation right now?
This quick start guide will help.

Meditation Articles

These easy to read articles are a great way to learn about meditation, as we answer questions like, what are the main reasons to meditate? I can't meditate, can you help? What are the secrets of deep meditation?

Explore Different Types of Meditation

There are many different paths to the peace and stillness of meditation. Click here to get to know some of the most common types of meditation, (and some of the not-so-common types as well).

Discover Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a hot topic these days. Find out why so many people are turning to mindfulness meditation, and why so many health care professionals recommend it.

Meditation Tips & Clever Ideas

These clever tips will introduce you to some simple ways to have a deeper, more fulfilling meditation experience.

Guided Meditation - What's It All About?

Guided meditation is HUGE these days, but if you are just starting to learn about meditation then you might be wondering, "What is guided meditation?" and "What will I get out of it?" These pages are for you.

Real meditation stories

You can learn a lot about meditation by listening to the real life stories of people who practice it. We're grateful to all those who have shared their very personal stories on this website.

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