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Free Meditation Scripts to Download

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The Blissful Mind Meditation
This wonderful guided meditation script focuses on guiding you into a state of deep relaxation, and then opening your heart and mind to experiencing a natural state of bliss. It is very peaceful and a very positive guided meditation.

If you are interested in downloading a guided meditation recording and the script that accompanies it, please take a look at the Blissful Mind Meditation.

Deep Inner Stillness
A guided meditation for total relaxation and deep inner stillness. Journey towards a tranquil island and deep into an ancient forest, before experiencing a time of deep meditation in a pond of absolute stillness. This guided meditation is also available to download as a guided meditation mp3.

Set Yourself Free
A guided meditation for total relaxation, expanded awareness and joyous freedom. This script will guide you into a state of deep relaxation and expanded an inner sanctuary where all the weight is lifted from your shoulders and where you are restored to a state of peacefulness, harmony and appreciation for life. This guided meditation is also available to download as a guided meditation mp3.

Chakra Healing Guided Meditation Script
A lovely guided meditation for healing the chakras and bringing your entire energy system into a state of balance and harmony. This guided meditation is also available to download as a guided meditation mp3.

The Forest Speaks
This guided meditation script takes the listener on a soothing mind journey. Perfect for general relaxation, and sometimes used as a wind-down visualization after a yoga class.

Wishful Thanking Living Rainbow Meditation
and Pot of gold Visualization

This is an excellent script for acheiving total body mind relaxation, for opening the chakras and guiding the listener to experience gratitude and abundance.

Peace, Tranquility and Healing
This brief guided meditation script will guide you through a very healing visualization process. You can use this meditation script to experience a deep feeling of peace, tranquility and transcendence.

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Scripts from Other Visitors

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It's like this (mindfulness meditation) 
So lets begin by taking a few moments to simply settle in. Settle in to this moment..., Into this space..., Allow yourself the opportunity to be here. …

Angel Healing Meditation (for self and others to send healing to) 
GUIDED ANGEL HEALING MEDITATION Please begin by taking everything off your laps. Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a deep breath …

Trust Walk a Path to Freedom and Self Love 
(This is after client is in the relaxed state after induction) Now imagine yourself going on a trust walk, a trust walk to freedom and self- love, This …

Buddhist Guided Meditation Script 
Sit comfortably erect, without leaning forward or backward, left or right. Close your eyes and think thoughts of good will. Thoughts of good will go first …

Bluebell Wood Meditation Script 
This meditation is called Bluebell Wood Your journey takes you into the world of mystique and entrancement - make sure you are sitting comfortable …

Buddhist Meditation Script - Guided Loving-Kindness  Not rated yet
Let us be composed, sit comfortably in an upright posture with a sense of dignity and grace. Gently close your eyes. Allow your body and mind to relax …

Gently Down The Stream Not rated yet
Get in a relaxed position. If you are seated have your feet flat on the floor and hands up to the universe on you lap. Let the "whie light" start at …

Radiant Being Not rated yet
As you settle down, find the most comfortable position. Take a deep, relaxing breath in....gently, and slowly exhale. Another deep breath in, hold it …

Letting go of work/home stresses (+/- 25 mins) Not rated yet
Hello all, I would like to welcome you to today’s meditation session The purpose of this session is to re-energize, re-focus, re-center yourself …

Under Waterfall Not rated yet
Imagine that you are under a waterfall but this waterfall doesn’t bring water but it brings a stream of light… It's nearer to your head it, then it …

Body Awareness Meditation Not rated yet
Begin this body awareness meditation by assuming your usual position for meditation. This could be either seated or led down, whichever you prefer. Once …

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