Supporting Yourself with Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness is one thing that you can never have too much of. In our fast paced world, we all need to remember to put our attention on loving kindness – the more often the better.

Duration: 13 minutes
Author: Linda Hall
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A few words about this short Guided Meditation

Loving kindness changes who we are. When we feel supported and loved, then we radiate that out to everyone around us. We naturally become more gentle, more kind and more peaceful. Self-acceptance and a deeper appreciation of one's life comes naturally to people who make loving kindness a personal priority.

In this meditation you will be guided to experience feelings of warmth and loving kindness, and to amplify those feelings within yourself. It will help you find your "inner glow" and make it brighter.

This is is definitely a meditation that you'll enjoy. After all, loving kindness feels wonderful. It's a feeling that is natural to us all, but is often lost amidst the noise of life. With a little time spent focusing your attention in the right way, feeling supported by loving kindness can become second nature to you.  

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