The Hammock

by Marty Cowan, RYT200
(Fulton, MD)

Rested and comfortable - you take a long, deep inhale of fresh clean air and your head turns up to greet the sun. The sky is a beautiful, rich shade of blue and the white clouds float effortlessly by. The sun’s energy rushes over you and you feel a sense of warmth, like a big hug, surrounding your body. The soft, cool green grass cradles your feet and every step you take is cushioned by nature. As you walk you hear the gentle sound of a stream, trickling to a sweet and slow rhythm. It calls to you to dip your feet into the water. Standing on sand and smooth rocks, the lazy current hums and the water glistens in the beautiful sunlight. Your reflection smiles back and you – it mirrors the complete happiness you are feeling as you are living and appreciating this very moment in your life.

Looking around, you notice the occasional leaf falling slowly, like a floating feather from the trees to a sweet and soft landing on the stream – then the leaves take a calm and relaxing ride on the water. A light and easy breeze rustles the leaves in the trees. A gold glowing light peeks through the branches.

As you continue on the grassy path, the sun dries the water from your feet and you walk in nature, in pure happiness. You follow the lightness of the sun and are guided to a beautiful white hammock connected to magnificent Oaks, sturdy and strong. You lie into the hammock, slowly and as it supports all of your weight with ease, you lay your head on the large, soft pillow. Your entire body is supported and as the hammock cradles you, your eyes grow heavy and soft. The light breeze sways you so gently, from side to side and the sun warms you from head to toe. You are completely held with love by the glorious Oaks, completely whole, and completely and peacefully settled in your own space in time.

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very creative
by: Anonymous

Enjoying this calming and inspiring script.

by: Anonymous

That is beautiful, fresh , clean.
Thank you

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