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How to meditate properly to connect with your spirit guide

by Angel

Psychics believe that everyone has their own spirit guide, some call them their guardian angel that watches over us and tries to steer us in the right direction.

However, you might not realise they are there, but through gut feelings you may have an inkling that there is something watching over you. What made you go in that direction instead of the other way? What made you make one decision instead of a different one?

You still have your free will and ultimately it will be your own decision, but that little voice inside sometimes says something to you. Some will say this is our spirit guide just keeping an eye on us.

But how can we connect with a spirit guide and maybe ask a question? There are a few suggestions mediums believe can help, one of them is meditation.

This can be done by finding a nice quiet friendly place which is free from the hustle and bustle of your busy life, where you can play some nice gentle music and burn some scented candles that help you relax. It is important not to use the type of candles that invigorate as this will keep you from falling into a relaxed state of mind. Lie back and start taking deep breaths, try to switch off to all the surrounding noises, especially distracting noises like your mobile phone, television or radio and just let yourself drift away.

Some people would suggest that the next step would be to begin with a prayer where you ask for safety and direction. Taking long slow deep breaths will slow your heart beat and let yourself draw further away.

With each breath, allow yourself to float away sensing all the tension released from your body, which leaves you feeling totally relaxed and peaceful and your mind totally calm.

With a mental picture of yourself, colour in a gold shimmering aura of powerful energy to surround your body letting it grow and become stronger with each breath you exhale and releasing all of those negatives thoughts.

Then allow the thought that you would like to make contact with your spiritual guide meeting them in a place that you find safe and peaceful.

Formulate in your mind how you think your spiritual guide would appear and pose a few questions to them. Their response may not be immediate and may well take a few days to trickle down from your subconscious into your conscious mind.

As you gently awaken, keep in mind to say your farewells and to thank your spiritual guides for helping and spending time with you.

Author: Angel is a spiritual, psychic and meditation expert with skills in connecting to spirit guides. Her website offers spiritual advice and psychic readings. For more see Wishing Moon and Pure Psychic Insight

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Spirit guide
by: Anonymous

I would say ive meditated twice in my life but soley to ease my mind in the midst of chaos. I wasnt aware that the lil voice i been hearing for years was my spirit guide until i was prompted by it to go buy a book to educate me on it. I didnt even know they existed . ive always felt like that lil dory fish in the dark asking are u my conscience (if i spelt that correctly) an ive always been replied to how marlyn replied to dory. Sometimes meditation isnt always a reauirement to get in touch with ur spirit guide. Ask n u shall recieve. Granted there gonna be times where u ask an they dont always respond. Its happened to me a few times. But they are always there. Sometimes they want u to figure out things on ur own an gain knowledge an wisdom that way. An i know personally when mine dont reply i know thats what hes saying to me.

I used to be able to but not anymore
by: Anonymous

I used to be in contact with my spirit guide every night, but recently I haven't been able to. I don't know why and it worries me.

I can never do it
by: Anonymous

I'm in contact with a spirit I had a past life with. I know about him through a medium friend. I can't communicate with him on my own, yet, unless it's through her. This makes me very sad and depressed because other members of his soul "family" have been able to meet with him in meditation and learn about the past life /lives they had with him. Some are able to see, hear and feel him because they've learned how or they're naturally capable of doing so. I don't expect to get to that level without a great deal of work. In the meantime, I would simply like to be able to meet him in meditation like others, but I don't know how. I'm never successful. I can quiet my mind reasonably enough, but I never get anywhere beyond that. He never comes to me. I feel like such a failure. :(

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