Transforming the mind for eternal enjoyment

by Swami Prasad Sharma
(Dona Paula, Goa, India)

Freedom of enjoyment through the senses is a problem facing mankind, although it is not allowed by the scriptures of any sect, but prevailing throughout the world in majority. Here is a real conflict, because of which many problems, such as the scam-type of e-mails, drugs, fast foods, noisy music, pornography, etc. have erupted. Some people are taking advantage of the instincts of young people (and elderly too!) because they have uncontrolled minds. There is a vast range of gadgets available for the pleasure of the senses.

Enjoyment of the fleeting pleasures of life is the cause of unrest. Vast resources are mindlessly being depleted towards such objectives.

What about the idea of enjoying God through our senses? Some saints advise us to direct the senses towards God or a spiritual teacher.

Let us think, by means of our tricky mind(!), about the existence of God. It takes a long time to accept a higher authority, because the mind has been under the impression of being the master of himself. One would not like to sacrifice one’s life, even in a dilapidated condition, for attaining a place in heaven.

If one happens to realize through one’s intellect that God is nothing but a zero state, due to the annihilation of mind (a unique mystery of the Samadhi state) or a state of total bliss, a different man is born. A self-realized person is always cheerful. But what is the basis of his cheerfulness?

To remain cheerful we have to convert the state of self-realization into devotion to a personal God or His living entity, i.e., a saint. Then, how we are to remember Him or the saint and enjoy them through our senses? Here are some points:

• Adopt a nice name for His sweet remembrance
• His qualities, as enumerated in the scriptures
• His activities – feeling that whatever He did was good for everybody, even if He was harsh or unyielding sometimes
• His abode, comfortable in all respects – full of eternal pleasure, love, togetherness, satisfaction, and no fear of death. However, all these qualities are felt by the aspirant in himself gradually while living to reach the kingdom of God.

One will be most lucky when one adopts all these qualities in oneself and reposes one’s trust in God.

What are all these mental attitudes for? Since, in the so-called real world, our mind has not been able to find a real everlasting satisfaction or is afraid of losing his belongings. A successful person may be satisfied with his possessions in the present moment, but there is no surety that the next moment he would be able to feel so too.

So what about doing one’s duty without expectations, gain real wisdom, and have inner devotion to God with the above superior thinking in mind. The only course available to us to become immortal is to derive somehow the nectar from this earthly life.

As long as the body lasts one is seeking another’s help in meeting the necessities of one’s body, and in return, what should one do for others? Just love them. An entity without ego is what everybody likes, and even God likes him and takes care of him like a mother.

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