by Debarsi Chakraborty
(Kolkata, West Bengal)

Most of us are so busy in our day to day life that we hardly get time to think. But thoughts are more important than what we think about them. Thoughts connect our body, mind and spirit. As they connect us to higher dimensions, only with their help we can make the inside journey to expand our minds.

The whole life is a game of consciousness and all of us are at different levels of it. When we come to this physical plane, we forget our past learning from Universe. So Universe brings events to us to make us remember what we have forgotten. The events and the relationships are the ways made by the Universe to increase the stamina/ tolerance levels of our minds, also to give us ideas/experiences to stretch our minds.

We all are souls, but we are given bodies and minds so that we stay attached to this physical plane. Different types of souls are baby, infant, young, mature, old, transcedental and infinite. We start as a baby soul, and with more number of rebirths we start moving towards old souls. The attachments reduce slowly in this journey towards enlightenment, in which we learn to dis-identify from our minds.

Our minds are like machines between the inner and outer world with which our true beings communicate with the outer world. As our minds know that our time is limited on earth, the emotions (fear, anger, craving, greed, possessiveness, sympathy) of our minds try to attach themselves to the living and non-living objects. If we don't express the emotions properly,they might get stored in our subconscious (inner mind layers) and can control our behaviors even if we are not conscious about that. Hence we should not be afraid to express them.

Emotions give births to a preconditioned mindset named as ego. We cannot kill the ego of someone we love, but we can try to dissolve it if we have a big mind. How? Our emotions are the slaves of our thoughts. We have to bring events to them to help them expressing their emotions. After expressing the same emotions again and again, the thoughts containing the emotions become weak. Then we have to bring events to give them ideas so that they can replace the egoistic thoughts.

Just like facts and ideas(unproven facts) can change the outside Universe, they play an important role in expanding our minds too. If our minds are open, they can accept ideas from others. Ideas can stretch our mind by forcing us to think from others' views. The broader our minds are, the smarter we are. If we can guess about the different perspectives behind an idea, we can suggest better ideas to solve a problem.

Our body carries the soul and our soul carries the spirit. Our heart is the true nature of our spirit. True love comes from our hearts, while the emotions of our minds give birth to emotional love. True love gives the freedom to others to be themselves, while emotional love has it's own requirements. Our hearts follow only truth while our minds
can't necessarily follow Truth due to the emotional attachments. So the journey of enlightenment is made by love and truth. The truth is used to break the ego (preconditioned mindset) while the love heals the pain caused by the death of ego.

True Love is Godly Love. It is higher energy of being. It is a thought. Even if the person/object/situation changes, this love towards that doesn't change. We can love like this only when we are in higher consciousness level, as our mind's emotions cannot distort our visions.

Talking about relationships, these are also the ways to increase our consciousness level. In emotional relationships, the emotions of our minds get involved for our emotional needs. In true relationships we open up a part of our hearts true nature to each other, so we can share our true thoughts with them. In soul-mate kind of relationships, we open up our full hearts to each other. Hence we can share each and every true thoughts with them. In other way, we are naked in soul levels in these relationships. Since they are based on Truths we completely trust each other in these relationships.

The feelings of pleasure come from our minds. Just like material pleasure, our minds get pleasure in a relationship by winning over other minds. Mind also gets pleasure when it can feed it's intelligence or it gets some new experience. Happiness comes from our hearts when our spiritual needs/ heart's desires are satisfied. If we follow our true nature, our minds automatically feel good. We often try to please others temporarily to have peace, but if we need to change our true natures in that process, we can't be happy. As our minds want to share the feelings, happiness is real when shared.

Satisfaction comes from our soul. Energy is the food for our soul. We should care for others and give them our energy (share our true thoughts with them to help them) to get the energy in return. As the spirit of our soul has a heart, the love we get for being ourselves only reaches our soul. True love is pure energy as it doesn't try to change us. If we practice gratitude, we should give the energy to those people first who had given us their energies before. As our heart follows the laws of nature, being grateful makes us happier. Similarly we should practice virtues like acceptance, forgiveness to be happier. It's necessary for us to follow our hearts to grow as bigger versions of ourselves.

Outside substances can have effects on our mind. Tobacco gives pleasure to our minds and helps us to expand our minds. Alcohol helps us to express our emotions while hemp helps us to dis-identify from the emotions and to think from our heart. But as all these substances destroy our physical body, we should try to practice healthier habits like exercise and meditation to expand our minds.

All of our souls are one and a part of the bigger Universe.

Look inside your mind, the whole Universe is within you, within every one of us. :)

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