The "Riddle" of Life

by Robert Gresak
( S.Africa)

To countless millions life is a gigantic riddle with its manifold interweavings of joy, sorrow, poverty and wealth, achievements and non-achievements, health and disease,and so on.

Nevertheless, life as we find it, or as it confronts us has to be taken gladly upon ones shoulders as one would a heavy load, and be carried without undue complaint, constantly acknowledging the Almighty Creator who in His infinite wisdom has placed us here as part of this magnificent world in order to learn to overcome our faults, weaknesses, and master whatever is necessary for our soul's growth.

We must not be like the caterpillar calling the end of the world, but rather what the Master calls the butterfly. Indeed, we look continually forward to, and work inwardly to what we can become on the infinite journey to the stars and realms of light.

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