The philosophy of a super relationship – the adoption of an amiable nature

by Swami Prasad Sharma
(Dona Paula, Goa, India)

Fortunately, I have a natural tendency not to develop any hatred, anguish, or enmity in case someone breaks up a relationship or friendship with me on any account. Besides, I always pray to God to create the situation for the re-establishment of goodwill, because I could not tolerate that someone should carry an ill-will or avoidance in his heart against me for the rest of his life. I believe that we have come in this world for a loving relationship, not for developing hatred or enmity to anyone. Naturally, an attitude of friendship (companionship) and forgiveness serves the purpose. Therefore, I wait for an amicable opportunity without a time limit to restore a broken relationship as long as life remains.

Let me analyze why someone decides to break a relationship.

Our relationships have inherent grudges, selfishness, possessiveness, thrusting our views, et cetera, and disappointment in the fulfillment of our expectations makes our relations tense to the extent of breaking away.

Being soft spoken I always remain at the receiving end, i.e., when a dissatisfied relative or a friend turns away or happens to announce the end of the relationship with me. I have no option other than to say – ‘as you wish’. My good luck! In due course of time I have always found the chance to re-establish the friendly relationship (companionship) and the original goodwill with better mutual respect in all cases except one.

Here I feel that God takes note of my inner feelings and helps me by creating these situations.

Why should I give credit to God for re-establishing the relationships in my case? Some people (no wonder, including my egoistic mind!) may say that it is my good nature and humbleness that worked to earn goodwill feelings in relationships again.

Let me present the philosophy of the eternal relationship between ourselves in the following lines. It is through self-realization that one comes across one’s own self and casts away the illusion of considering the physical body as one’s own self and misusing it for physical pleasures and egoistic considerations. These pleasures are of such nature that while enjoying we don’t mind harming or exploiting others and in the process we are also harmed due to the reactions by others. We remain indulged in exploiting each other and natural resources for our lustful purposes as a matter of right. Moreover, the illusion of any difference between you and me on the basis of gender, caste, creed, religion, status, et cetera has to go, and this happens only through the realization of the self or say, through awakening.

Each entity is evolving to achieve awakening – the state of self-realization through the development of wisdom. In fact, we started as infinite souls to taste the pleasure of love through dualism with the help of nature. But under the influence of an illusive power we adopted a selfish attitude in all dealings with our companion souls. The following proposition is put up to make this point clear.

God, Entities (all living beings) and Nature (inert, without consciousness but transforming) exist eternally in the cosmos. None can abolish or annihilate the other. God, the super conscious and all bliss, is the controller of the illusive power of matter and each entity. All entities are an offshoot of God destined to taste pure love with God (a divine pleasure). Thus, each entity is essentially His eternal servant, but in association with Nature wishes to enjoy pleasure through physical possessions and rule over others. It is through self-realization that the entity happens to realize its true self, its duties and its true goal, i.e., to serve and love its Master, devotedly. An understanding also dawns on the realized soul that all other entities are companions not through worldly relationships but by virtue of their unique and eternal belongingness. Thus, whosoever comes in contact with such an awakened soul is able to taste the pleasure of love.

Hence, the purpose of this creation is that each entity be able to taste love, the elixir of life, and enjoy it through the adoption of an amiable nature and feelings of companionship with all and devotion to God.

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