The beloved of my beloved is the most beloved

by Swami Prasad Sharma
(Dona Paula, Goa, India)

After enjoying three relationships with the Lord (the Lord as master, friend and child, with myself as servant, friend and a parent to Him respectively) to whom I had surrendered in 1977, I came across my spiritual teacher and surrendered to Him in August 2002 for still another kind of relationship with the Lord.

What is the relationship of this teacher with Krishna and with me and what relationships do we have among ourselves?

The enemy’s enemy is considered a friend in worldly affairs, but in spirituality the beloved’s beloved is considered as the most beloved. Now the spiritual teacher, I consider, is the beloved of Lord Krishna because he has been carrying out the Lord’s most desired mission – teaching the philosophy of divine love practically. He is an expression of the Lord’s most desired wishes and thus he is the beloved of God. It is only through the Lord’s organization that I happen to know about the Spiritual Teacher and surrendered to him for a new kind of relationship, i.e. paramour love (Please see my article: Paramour Love - enjoying the eternal relationship with God). Hence the spiritual teacher is the most beloved to me.

However, a custom, waning in modern times, is that a guest should be considered as God, and another custom that on marriage invitation cards there used to be a line in bold letters: “Please attend the occasion with family and friends.” Earlier people were fond of meeting the beloved and his/her beloved too. This is the way to make the beloved most happy, and that is desirable too!

God says those who love me alone are not my devotees. Those who love my devotee’s devotee and further in this chain, are my real devotees. Ultimately, the one who wishes to become God’s devotee will have to serve the whole of creation with total devotion.

In the world such an expression of love is rare. Since we all are selfish, each one of us needs lovers who will fulfill the wishes and behave favourably. Normally, a boy-friend of a girl plays the part of a lover fulfilling all kinds of whims and fancies of the beloved sweet-heart but after marriage he likes to be treated as beloved by the wife. The wife may not accept to play the part of a lover. Hence disgust is created in their hearts.

Becoming the lover of God is the most challenging mental attitude.

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