Meet Your Guardian Angel (Guided Meditation)

by Anna in Wonderland
(British Columbia, Canada)

Meet Your Guardian Angel

Meet Your Guardian Angel

The two meditations in this album have been lovingly created by Anna in Wonderland to help you get in touch with your guardian angel.

We all have at least one guardian angel (some of us have many). Invisible to most, they are here to protect, guide, and heal us whenever we open ourselves to their presence—and even when we are completely unaware of their existence. However, your angels can assist you more directly if you allow them to join you in your conscious reality. And much more simply than that, being able to see, hear, and feel your guardian angel is a very beautiful experience, allowing you to deepen the bond of love that connects you beyond time and space.

This is what the meditations featured in this album will help you with. In the first part, you will learn how to consciously see, hear, and/or feel your angel. If you wish, you may ask your guardian angel for his or her name, and you will receive a message of angelic guidance that will help you on your human or spiritual journey. As you keep working with this meditation, your intuitive senses will gradually become more open, and you will learn how to sense your angel’s presence more clearly.

In the second meditation, you will gently release everything that no longer serves you on your journey, and you will receive a vision of your true potential in this lifetime. You will get to enjoy a beautiful sunset in the loving presence of your guardian angel, and you will meet your special little faery guide who will help you make your dreams come true.

It is my wish for you that these meditations may inspire you and open your door to a truly magical and wonderful life.
To preview a sample of the Meet Your Guardian Angel Guided Meditation, or to download the album, please click on the link below:

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