Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost and my divine dreams

by Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik
(Kolkata,West Bengal, India)


14) 23rd, June, 1972, Friday. Early morning dream: My friend Nisith, younger sister Prakriti and younger brother Malay and I went out for a walk. While walking, I was narrating my dreams to Nisith and here the dream went off.

The dream was revealed to me thus: Prakriti is the symbol of Nature , Malay denotes gentle breeze and Nisith means nirguna or dark which means infinite. My dreams will remain in dark and in due course of time these will spread like a gentle breeze in nature or in the world.

After 20 years my dreams are being published in Bengali magazine and after 38years being translated is published in different websites.


15) 24th June, 1972, Saturday, Early morning dream: I had gone to Diamond and saw someone reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. In between reading conversation was also going on. Devotees were coming and going. One known lady was also seen in the crowd. She was seated along with others on open corridor outside the room.

As soon as I saw the lady, it appeared in my mind that when woman folks began to come, Diamond might not be alive more.

However, Diamond seemed to be very bright. After a while when I bowed down to him with great devotion he patted my head and body with great affection and here the dream went off.
In this dream the seer was being blessed by God-the- Preceptor and afterwards a great peace persisted in his mind.


16) July 15, 1972. One early morning when I was just waking up with half consciousness, I felt that someone was lying on my body longitudinally putting his whole body weight on me, I got a bit chilled as it was so vivid, but did not move. When ultimately I got back my full consciousness, I was surprised and thought, Ah! It was Diamond himself who was lying on me and for nothing I got nervous!

This was a very significant dream indicating my future when many of the qualities of God-the-Preceptor will penetrate me in future.


17) July 17, 1972.

While traveling in a bus I experienced a realization in a trance --- a one storied building with a gate on the right side for entry to the house. There I saw a woman standing at the gate with her two hands kept on the gate as if she was the keeper of the door. She had long hair, complexion not so fair with very large eyes.

I was thinking that she might be a tantrik. Suddenly I saw with my surprise that she allowed me to enter the house. As soon as I entered into a room, I noticed, a 7—8 years girl with long heirs up to her feet was leaving that room. Then my trance went off.

The trance signifies thus: Unless the Holy Mother or this body allows , One cannot enter the 7th plane to see God or‘ Atman’. There is a possibility that in future the seer may visualize ‘ Atman’ or ‘Self'.


18) July 20, 1972.

At noon one day I had a dream. Swami Vivekananda was seated on a cot, His head was clean shaved. I was also seated in front of him though, without conversation. Meanwhile the dream went off.

Here Swami Vivekananda means Rajyoga . The dream indicates that the seer will have Rajyoga within him in future.
(Note- It came true.)


19) 27th August, 1972. Sunday.

Early morning dream --- I was in a room seated on the floor for meditation. A wooden platform of small size was kept in front of me .I fell in meditation for a while within the dream. The meditation suddenly went off and I saw a small lump of divine light in the shape of a curved thumb gradually moving upward from the platform and fixed in air in front of my eyes. Then the scene vanished.

In the next scene I saw myself inside a room adjacent to the previous room seen in the first scene. It was packed with quite a number of people. One unknown person among them told me ‘You have seen your father’s Atman’. Here the dream went off.

The divine light in the shape of curved thumb has been mentioned in Upanishads as Atman or Soul, which was visualized by the seer. Father’s Atman means the Atman seen by the primordial man on earth some thousands and thousands of years ago. Vedic Rishis used to visualize God in their dreams in the form of their father and so they always used the term ‘Father’. Here unknown person denotes God who is always unknown except His grace. Plat- form symbolizes the cerebrum where God is seen.

This dream is the confirmation of the previous dream seen on July-August, 1972 (dream no 17). The visualization of the Soul or Atman or God in the form of light is described in Katha Upanishad (4.13) like this-

“A Person of the measure of a thumb; Like a light without smoke; Lord of what has been, and what is to be; He alone is today and tomorrow too.”

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