Jibankrishna (Diamond) the Universal man and his Eternal Sayings

by Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik
(Kolkata,West Bengal, India)

Chapter - 8

The era of Diamond is further development of Sri Ramkrishna’s era

17th May, 1958.

If you compare the era of Sri Ramkrishna with our era, you will find that here it shows further development. In his time only 4-5 persons saw him in dreams. But here so long 4-5 thousand people have seen me in dreams. The austerity starting after seeing God-the-Preceptor in dreams means the austerity of the seer through the Preceptor.

You have witnessed yourselves the extent of the influence of my austerity on your life through dreams. And coming to me you are bearing that message. But I know nothing about it unless you tell me. It is no doubt showing an initial picture of universal austerity for the future.

But you should know one thing. Here you are having oneness after seeing me within yourselves. If the whole world see me within, there will be dissolution ultimately and that is not possible.

Man is Brahma – the creator with fathomless wealth

18th May, 1958.

This mother of Gopal (as mentioned in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) used to pay with Gopal (child Lord Krishna) in reality. But it is not the visualzing of God. This is a type of sportive form of God. And this is a proof that a man creates from body as he is Brahma (supreme). It cannot be fathomed about the vast wealth of a human body. If a man knows that God is in his body, he will become crazy for him. But one thing is there, if it happens spontaneously, then the man approaches to perfectness gradually, because visualizing God is an esoteric condition and it occurs in the cerebrum.

Diamond’s ailment for mankind

20th May, 1958.

I have spent my whole life by sitting on my cot for a maximum period. At 12 years 4 months age I saw Sri Ramkrishna in my dream. Every night he used to teach me numerous aspects of yogas. I often thought to tour whole Calcutta sitting on his shoulder. But here was a draw back. I did not have the intention to tour the whole world. Then at 15 years age seeing his picture I came to know, oh! He was Sri Ramkrishna who teaches me very night!
Getting the knowledge of self I was able to understand the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna.

Only 4-5 thousand people have seen me in dreams so far. If two Russians see me what will happen? I am waiting to see these sportive forms of God. I am waiting whether this barrier is broken and spread throughout the world outside India. There is a burden grown in my brain now.

Realizations in dream are the purest

31st May, 1958.

These divine dreams are discussed in many ways in Bible, Quran, Sri Chaitanya’s era and Sri Ramkrishna’s sayings, as the realizations in dreams are the purest. When a man sleeps, the actions of his outer mind gradually dissolves. In meditation a man’s subconscious mind exists and for meditation a separate time is required. But no question arises in case of dreams as sleeping at night is a natural course and at that time the man will see dreams. How wonderful

Monk’s life begins from Buddha’s era

31st May, 1958.

We find the reference of monks from Lord Buddha’s era. Before that it was not in vogue. Vedic Rishis lead family life. They got ‘Self – knowledge’ being in family lives. In ‘Astabakra Sanghita’ Astabakra mentioned about family and non- family class wonderfully. He said, ‘those who lust, they are categorized as family man, and those who have not last are termed as non-family man.’

Diamond is beyond Samadhi – the Zenith of individual austerity

31st May, 1958.

As you see me within you, he is God-the-Preceptor. But now I am saying that he is ‘Parama Brahma’ (Supreme one). Yes, now I am existing beyond Samadhi. One experiences Samadhi stage coming down from Parama Brahma stage. The ecstasies as you saw before are also extinct. Now you are becoming one with me. The more you will see me, the more you will get my entity. What a wonderful phenomenon has happened here! See some time ago I got this oracle, ‘The Western world are crying for you, kindly you go there.’ Now had I gone there, I would have got fame, money etc. But what would have happened? All these miraculous powers would be wiped out.

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