Jibankrishna (Diamond) the Universal man and his Eternal Sayings

by Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik
(Kolkata,West Bengal, India)

Jibankrishna (Diamond) the universal man and his eternal sayings

Chapter - 1

A brief note about Jibankrishna

I am going to narrate a very strange phenomenon happening since the early part of 20th century encircling a person known as Diamond or Jibankrishna who was born in 1893 at Howrah Town near Calcutta(now Kolkata), India.

His achievement of God-the-Preceptor in the form of Sri Ramkrishna at 12 years 4months age and thereafter having spontaneous numerous divine realizations made him visualizing ‘Atma’ or ‘Soul’ or God in the form of God’s light as described in Upanishads at 24years 8months age transforming his image into the Soul of every human being and as a result, a miraculous incident began to initiate.

Some innumerable people including men, women and children of all ages see this particular man in dream, in meditation, in trance and also in awakened condition. Nay, not only that, it so happens that whoever comes in contact with him, sees him to instruct about religion either in one or more or in all the four items.

The case is so with the Hindus, the Moslems, the Parsees and the Christians. It transpires that a man belonging to any religion of the world, if comes in contact with him, he shall be seeing him to instruct religion in one way or more in others.

The occurrences take place in the following ways :

(1) They see him those who come in contact with him.

(2) The women folks and the children after hearing about him from their husbands or any relative or any neighbor even, they see him in all the four ways as mentioned above.

(3) There are some people who without hearing about him or without seeing him, get him in dream or in trance, or in meditation or in awakened condition, even in some cases as a man alive and get instructions about religion.

(4) Furthermore, we got a report that one gentleman after coming to him declared that he saw him in this very posture some 50 years ago while he was merely a boy of 10 years old and the man who is mentioned here was 15 years old; and to add to it a good number of people, who have seen him now, saw some 30, 20, 15, 10, 7, 5 and 2 years before they come in contact with him and even in the very night before the day he came to him.

To all intents and purposes, it appears to be mysterious and a wonder. He even does not know the cause how this happens when we approach him to solve the problem he says that he does not know. The thing happens so far he knows and it transpires that he is sincere in his declaration. All these things are happening clearly and distinctly with a large number of people for the last 19 years. Otherwise it appears that the thing has its start with him when he was a boy of 15 years old and evident corroborates the fact. I am citing here a particular incident from the West which happened during the World War II, in the hard winter of December, 1939. A Frenchman, Paul Adam by name, who was a commander of the Machine Gun Division in the Maginot Line and he was overpowered with the fear of sure and imminent death due to onrush of the Germans and in the night he dreamt this Gentleman, who spoke to him “you will never die in the battle” and directed him “to come to India after the war is over.” In fact, since 9 years, this Frenchman is here in India and now a Professor of French in the Mithila Institute. This Frenchman came to this gentleman who is the Living figure of all these wonderful happening on the 11th December, 1958 and narrated the above dream to him and he recognized the gentleman.
The person who is the centre of this rare happening is a living old man leading a very simple and ordinary life of retirement and never goes anywhere out of his residence. The main striking feature is that he always teaches about religion to us in dreams, in trance, in meditation and in awakened condition as a living man in our own home. When we meet him be talks only about religion, religion, religion or God, God, God and nothing else as it transpires God first, God last and God for ever and nothing else.

Now what is the effect of seeing Jibankrishna within the body? We have witnessed and still are witnessing the following effects: (1) The seer becomes purified in mind and feeling; (2) The seer sees different sportive forms of God through dreams; (3) The seer gets Diamond as God-the-Preceptor who guides and teaches the seer on spiritualism throughout his life; (4) The seer achieves perfectness; (5) The seer grows a sense of oneness with all within himself.

The theory of attaining Godhood and its proof has been mentioned in different Upanishads in various ways which are as follows:

BrihadAranyaka Upanishad(2.5.13) has mentioned-
“The shinning immortal Person who is in this mankind and with reference to oneself, this shinning immortal Person who exists as a human being- he is just this Soul, this Immortal, this Brahma, this All.”

Svetasvatara Upanishad(3..11) has mentioned-
Who is this face, the head, the neck of all; Who dwells in the heart of all beings; All pervading is He and bountiful; Therefore omnipotent and kindly(Siva).

KathaUpanishad (6.14) has mentioned-
When are liberated all; The desires that lodge in one’s heart; Then a mortal becomes immortal; Therein he reaches Brahma.

SvetasvataraUpanishad (4.3) has mentioned-
Thou art woman, Thou art man; Thou art the youth and the maiden too; Thou as an old man tottering with a staff; Being born, Thou becomest facing in every direction.

Summary: Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.
These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books.

(A collection in between 1953 and1956)

Jibankrishna discussed:


This human body and the manifestation of God within that body- This is called Aryan cult. Except Indian Aryan nobody had an idea that God is within a human being and He shows His sportive forms after manifesting Himself. This knowledge had long been suppressed in Hindus. Sri Ramkrishna has again revived it in the nineteenth century. Being asked by Swami Vivekananda whether he had seen God, he answered with open voice,’Yes, I have seen Him as I am seeing you. He is known to pure mind and intellects.’
This is the primordial religion - a human body and the manifestation of God within it. How does it happen? It occurs spontaneously. For this only a human body is necessary and that should be flawless. Where ever it is available on earth, this will manifest, let him be a Fin,Lap or Hotentot.


The main object of human life is to achieve God. So he is born. Unless he achieves that, he feels a lacking. But he cannot understand what is that lacking and so he from one sacred place to another without knowing that God is within his body and He is the nearest One, the best friend. Whenever he gets Him within his body, all his lacking will be removed.


God is within you and nowhere else. All of us are carrying God within ourselves. Now the question may arise - what is God? He is within this body as ‘Soul’ or ‘Atman. He shows Himself in each step of the body. This universe is within the ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’. Again the Soul is within the body. That means this universe is within us. As soon as we are born, we reflect this universe outside and live in it. In Vedas this has been compared with spiders. They have mentioned that a spider ejects the net and lives there. Sri Ramkrishna has explained this with two words, ’Maw’ and ‘Raa’. Maw means God and Raa means universe. The Atman or Soul is within this body and the universe is within Soul or God.


Atman or Soul is visible in ‘Samadhi’ stage. The Soul is percolated. It means ‘Kundalini’ or Life power is percolated. After percolation from the whole body it is accumulated in the cerebrum or the seventh plane of the body and is seen. If any cell of the brain is defective, the man will not thrive at this stage. The life power will melt. And if it is flawless, the life power will descent from the cerebrum and just at this stage the Soul or Atman is seen.

Some say that Soul looks like a thumb made of God’s light, some say again that Soul looks like the tip of paddy straw. I saw the Soul or Atman like a thumb at the first stage and then like the tail of a comet. But when I saw it, I had no idea of these things. What I saw, I ignored.

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