Jibankrishna (Diamond) the Universal man and his Eternal Sayings Chapter 7

by Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik
(Kolkata,West Bengal, India)

Jibankrishna (Diamond) the universal man and his eternal sayings

Chapter - 7

This mysterious knowledge continues for indefinite period

3rd May, 1958.

It does not carry any significance even if thousands of you see me within you, unless it spreads thought the world. And if it does not, it has no value. All these realizations in me, I discard all these. But don’t think that everything will be flooded away. All these realizations will hold you throughout your life. Vedic Rishis had termed this phenomenon as knowledge of physic or in other words knowledge of mystery. This can never be solved. It continues for indefinite period and so it remains a mystery forever.

Man is Brahma or Supreme Being

4th May, 1958.

Man is Brahma. But it does not stand if anybody utter that ‘I am Brahma’. It should manifest in a man then only it will be significant. And the proof ties when I am manifested within you as ‘BIbhu’ or ‘Paramatma’ or ‘Supreme one’. This has crossed the individualism and attained Universalism.

Innumerable people are seeing me within them. Some saw without seeing me before, some saw me after coming to me, some saw me without hearing my name. And then according to their capacity they are having divine realizations.The only criteria is to live a simple and honest life being in constant practice of these.

Great ailment of Diamond

11th May, 1958.

If any Muslim sees me in Egypt or Alexandria during his prayer or any Hindu sees me within him while worshiping in a temple then this carries a weight. Otherwise this is limited to a small circle when only you in this country are seeing me within yourselves without seeing me before.

Is it my wish that people of the whole world see me within them? But is it happening? It will do according to God’s will. Otherwise it will be a self ego.

A new era is established in the spiritual world history

13th May, 1958.

I had no idea that God can be seen. I never prayed to God ‘you show me yourself’. But it is seen that God has established a completely new phenomenon here which has no reference in the world history.

Generally it is our habit to compare with a previous example whenever a new thing happens. But at least it can be said that there is no previous example of such type of phenomenon. Though it is beyond our conception what is happening here.

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