Jibankrishna (Diamond) the Universal man and his Eternal Sayings Chapter - 5

by Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik
(Kolkata,West Bengal, India)

Past and future are merged in present

March, 1958.
In life time nothing can be said what will happen after death. God keeps that in quite darkness The present is true. In time annihilation it can be realized that the present exists only. Everything of the past is in the present in finer forms. The present is already there. Again the future happenings can be seen in present. Then everything is in ‘present’.

Diamond donated himself among humanities

March, 1958.
Sri Ramkrishna used to say, donation of ‘self knowledge’ is superior than those of worldly materials and traditional knowledge. What I have donated? I have donated my own self to humanities. I don’t know anything that you see me within you unless you let me know. It means you have become converted into me. Is there any self interest that I have given away my everything to you? No! It is for self enjoyment being from within you. And, this is an ideology that I am negating everything which has produced an effect in me. That is the manifestation of my form within you as ‘Bibhu’. It means the supreme self.

Every man is God but there should be manifestation within a human being

19th April, 1958.
Every human being has the birth right to become God, though it should be manifested. To see God means to become God – A man is converted into God, though his manifestation varies according to necessities in different eras. Just see here, what a wonderful phenomenon has been created by God! I am a living human being and a very simple man, spent my livelihood by service. And see, how many divine realizations are occurring among countless people encircling me! Of course I have also experienced numerous individualistic realizations. All are basic things. Then we can conclude that a human being can be transformed into God.
Oh! For this reason we have realized the comments of Rishi Uddalak (in Upanishad) while saying to his son Svetoketo ‘Thou art Svetoketo’. A man is God. Though some may say, ‘where is the omnipotency’? No doubt God is omnipotent. Time is infinite. So there will be infinite phenomena, because God’s sportive forms are infinite. It should be realized like this – it will manifest according to necessity.

When a man attains Godhood innumerable people will see him within themselves.

19th April, 1958.
When a man sees deities or Prophets within themselves, it carried little sense, because it seems as if there are different Gods. But that won’t do. A man is transformed into God. And thousands and thousands of people irrespective of religions, ages and sexes will see him within themselves and then gain the true Religion. He will then understand what is true religion. It should be definite and then only the man will understand clearly what you are experiencing here, that is the Truth. Oh! Man is Brahma and the proof is borne by myriads of people. See I also used to discard these things beforehand. But for a long period when I experienced such wonderful phenomenon, I began to realize all these.

The whole universe is within this human body

19th April, 1958.
Where is this Universe? This is also within you. At the time of birth the child reflects the world and lives within it. This reflection is spontaneous and for this reason the man cannot realize it.

In Vedas it is mentioned like this : The spider ejects the net from saliva from its body and lives within it. Though it is one-sided comparison. Through realization it can be realized. Beforehand I used to think that such big universe is within me! But actually it is so. After visualization of ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’, when the seer gets the experience of visualizing the universe within ‘Atman’, then only it can be understood. Then what happens? This universe is transformed into seed form, seed is merged into dream and ultimately the dream vanishes.

Manifestation of Universal Religion in Diamond’s era - but there is no end of it

21st April, 1958.
Well, you have got means your God-the-Preceptor. Now come on, even if the whole human race see me within them like you, it will not serve the purpose. Even after this there may be innumerable phenomena. Everything happens by the wish of God, it means these happen automatically.

I have to eat every day. How people do understand if I am called Universal man? But see, here this phenomenon has manifested.
We shall only consider human beings, not the animals, trees and other creatures. Because they are not coming here to say, ‘Sir, we have seen within ourselves’. But listen, to every creature this earth exists according to their own necessities. See, how tough is my brain! I am talking only about human being!

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