Jibankrishna (Diamond) the Universal man and his Eternal Sayings - Chapter 4

by Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik
(Kolkata,West Bengal, India)

Chapter - 4

Religion manifests with the help of living human being

Why such miraculous phenomenon happens encircling me? I am the most mysterious man in the erena of the universe. No other mysterious man is born other than me. Can you say why? Whatever ideologies about traditional religions have been existing so far this phenomenon has crashed everything. It is showing that a true religion occurs encircling a living human being. Here so many people say that they have seen me before they come to me. Do you know why? I am one with nature. Nay, a bit more – I am the nature.

Universalism is much higher than individualistic austerity

March, 1958.
This phenomenon happening here is termed as Universalism, much higher than individualism. Here all are same, there is no different in the spiritual world. This is oneness.

Sri Ramkrishna had individualistic austerity. We have universal austerity. Whatever individualistic realization I had, I discarded. I visualized that you will have the realizations above fifth plane. So the austerity above fifth plane will be transformed into universalism.

A man first will achieve knowledge of self. Then good attributes will grow in him. No effort is required for this. When he will know that he himself is Brahma of ‘Self’, then only he will get ‘self knowledge’. Step by step he will be promoted to higher self.

I have discarded even ‘Parama Brahma’ (superior self), as this created egoism. I have discarded knowledge of ‘Thou’, as this is individualistic austerity. Here everybody is getting the knowledge of ‘self’. Everybody is seeing me within.

In Vedas it is mentioned, who talks in dreams, he is Brahma (God).

The meaning of hidden austerity

March, 1958.
Whatever austerities are manifested within you, I don’t know anything about it. I have understood the meaning of hidden austerities after so many years. Whatever realizations you are experiencing you can understand yourselves. It is same with me also, so to each it is hidden. For this reason this is called hidden sportive forms of God. In universalism nothing is required to be said to anybody. They themselves can understand, I have not surprised you by any means. And nothing I have kept unexposed. So long you do not get anything within you, I do not say, ‘you have to do this thing, that thing.’

In Pantheism it is mentioned – one is all and all is one. Further to say that ‘A normal life is universal and a perfect life is to realize oneself in all’ – you are understanding it now!

We have got a concrete picture of human being – In a living human being God is manifested. And we are one in that point. But I don’t want to keep any separate entity in this ‘one’, because it also produces egoism. So ‘All is all’ is established now. I am an ordinary man, I am a very simple man. I have told everybody that ‘A moral life is universal’- ‘one’ does not exist. Then ‘All is All’. In realization there is no imagination. This is established here.

The worldly life is controlled by spiritual life

March, 1958.
This worldly life will become perfect with the advancement of divinity. Here one is transformed into another. Because, from animal passion to divinity – such is the transformation. Though it will happen in due course of time. And you see my life – a normal life is universal and a perfect life is to realize oneself in all. Three days before I got an oracle, ‘You are in perfectness’.

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