Heaven: where do we go when we die?

by Jacky Newcomb

HEAVEN published by Penguin

HEAVEN published by Penguin

HEAVEN published by Penguin Best-selling author Jacky Newcomb

After having written and published numerous books on afterlife themes I was fascinated with what happened to the soul after death. Over the years I’ve gathered much information on the subject...yes and from numerous sources! How do we know what happens when we die?

1. With the improvement of medical knowledge, many people are being brought back from the very brink of death; yet sometimes not before they have felt their spirit lift out of their physical body and start the journey to heaven.

2. Sometimes the deceased come back to tell people, and even show them what it’s like on the other side. During sleep, they visit in very lucid and real dream-type of experiences often passing on premonitions to prove the experience is real.

3. Similar experiences happen during deep meditative states.

4. You might be put into a hypnotic trance by a hypnotherapist and see a life you lived between lives; in a heavenly state. (see the work by Dr Michael Newton and others).

During a visit to heaven people describe an amazing realm, colours they have never seen before and interaction between angels, high-level beings and deceased loved ones.

*Heaven published by Penguin is written by Jacky Newcomb, February 2013

Jacky Newcomb is a multi-award winning, Sunday Times best-selling author and columnist for Take-a-Break’s Fate & Fortune magazine. She is a regular guest expert on ITV’s This Morning, and Channel 5 Live... www.JackyNewcomb.com

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