Guided Meditation CD's and Guided Relaxation CD's

If you are looking for a high quality guided meditation CD then we highly recommend that you check out the guided CD meditations and guided relaxation cd's that Meditainment and BrainSync have to offer.

At the Guided Meditation Site, our guided meditations are only available via digital download.

The main benefit of guided meditation downloads is that they cost less than CDs, and they are available instantly - so there's no waiting for CDs in the mail!

However, we do understand that many people love to be able to hold a CD in their hand. So we conducted a number of reviews of guided meditation cds so that we could confidently recommend some great resources to you.

We've done our homework!

Over the last two years we have conducted many reviews of guided meditation cds, and decided to lend out support to two meditation websites in particular.

These are Meditainment, and Brain Sync.

These websites stood out for four main reasons:

1. The quality of their guided meditations are are second to none. Their voiceovers are clearly and professionally recorded, and the background music they used is also of a very high quality. You really feel like you're getting your money's worth when you listen to them.

2. The range of guided meditation CDs and guided relaxation CDs they offer are quite comprehensive. We are confident that they'll have something that's just right for you.

3. We trust the people behind the meditations. They are skilled professionals with great credentials and they are truly dedicated to producing guided meditations of the highest quality.

4. These websites have proven to be efficient in the delivery of their CD's and they offer excellent customer support.

Meditation CD's
Brainsync Guided Meditation CD's

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