God welcomes us home

by SP Sharma
(Panaji, Goa, India)

God welcomes us home

Though God is in heaven, in our moments of ecstasy and agony He immediately descends in the heart of the believer.

In the worldly sense, most of us remain dependant on each other for various purposes and wish to remain on earth as long as possible by all means, because of various attachments, as we don’t believe in our existence after leaving the body.

We go to religious places and beg for the fulfillment of various worldly desires. Not only for desires, but also when we are not able to take revenge we seek the help of God to curse the tormentor. Hardly anybody develops a mental relationship with Him and leaves the body in the end with feelings of love for mankind and only being interested in residing with God forever.

The attraction of the world is so great that hardly anyone happens to turn to God. One is always attached to one’s physical body and desirous of accumulating wealth, and craving for name and fame. It seems almost as if that turning to God is just the opposite of the worldly ways of life where one has to leave one’s attachments to desirables.

Presently, most of the worldly phenomena could be explained with the help of scientific knowledge, if not now, then in future. But these are for the physical well-being and not necessarily for the eternal pleasure or peace of mind. However, spirituality related aspects are the matter of belief and faith, to be followed with a true heart, i.e. selflessly.

The path of spirituality is open to all, but usually people are attracted to it out of fear, curiosity, and disgust, or due to some gross calamity in life. In happy days, hardly anybody is interested in pursuing spirituality.

Usually, the feelings of devotion to God condition one’s mind enabling one to reach the kingdom of God (absolute love), but on reaching that one realizes that even God himself was waiting for him earnestly. Realizing this, the devotee feels so much obliged that he chooses to become His servant. God allows the devotee to enjoy this relationship for some duration and then changes this relationship for more fun and frolic (Please see article: The spectrum of the love of God). The flowing of tears cleanses a devotee’s heart and relieves him of bad feelings about past wrong doings, if any, and allows his heart to enjoy super bliss.

But to reach this stage one should get detached from worldly affairs that are carried on with selfish motives. One should always complete one’s worldly duties towards one’s parents, society, and oneself. Our last duty towards ourselves is to know whether we are immortal or mortal beings. It is the self-realization that makes one feel immortal. After feeling immortal and thereafter out of compassion towards all self-beings one would take up some kind of service to mankind. Thus, self-realization through the knowledge path and service to mankind through the devotion path completes the purpose of taking up the human body…

…and God is ready to welcome home the desolated soul under His wings eternally.

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