Do you believe in reincarnation???

by Ash Ameri
(Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil)

Ash Ameri

Ash Ameri

OK, so recently I joined a Reiki share group in Brazil, and, well, to be honest with you it has been a bit of an eye opener for me. Traditionally I work with Angels of Light from my true heaven of Light but in Brazil there seems to be a real belief in Spirits, reincarnation and more which I have to say I am very closed to as I do not call upon any such ghosts or energies to do my work, and I am always told about how effective my work is.

Only today I was applying Reiki to a lady who well let just say, from the moment she walked in I could see she was not well. I opened my heart and my soul as I always do and I called upon my angels, guardian angels and archangels from the light of my true good heaven of light to come to bless me with the energies to help her.

Now as usual I could see the very pain that was causing this lady so much harm, and during the session several times she began doing very exaggerated yawning and at one point I became very worried because she opened her eyes and her mouth and well I actually thought she had stopped breathing, so I went to her to check but as I got there and I looked at her for a moment she slowly closed her mouth and eyes. At the end of the session when I woke her she began to cry very heavily. Basically I had seen all of the dark pain that existed within her coming out, so at the very end I knew what she had gone through and it was no surprise to me that she started crying her eyes out.

So I have an ability to help people, and many have said I have a “GIFT”, but I have to tell you as a Sufi mullah once said – he strives to stay humble with all that he does so that his ego does not get the better of him, and I live by this rule always, be as humble as I can be, never show or boast about my true power and never show that I can do any more than anyone else, but people do see it and know that it is a great help to their lives, well it has been so far this year to the lives of many who I have helped.

So I have of course very naturally been very curious as to why and how it is that I can do these things, and how it is that I can see darkness in others and replace it with light and continue with my own life as if it is nothing???

So this is where I am coming from now, my curiosity about who I am and why I can do what I can do baffles me every day even though I am very thankful to god all mighty that I can do what I can do. To help others with my ability makes me very happy especially when I see the results, this is my greatest reward.
BUT – recently I went to a parapsychologist to see if he can help me understand better about what it is I can do and to see if I can find the source or root of where all of this is coming from, and he began to tell me about the fact that I need to understand my past life experiences, in another words look at reincarnation and he also said that – I can do what I can do because a spirit has latched itself onto me and I have difficulty in seeing this spirit. So again I think to myself but through Reiki I do not call upon any spirits and this is a very Brazilian thing, they even have a religion based on working with spirits to help others, but really it is just Reiki, I have seen it and I did not understand why they have made it such a religious experience when it is just working with energies and it is just pure Reiki…???

Also with all this reincarnation stuff, well I tell you this is purely an idea from India and I have to say my experiences with anyone who has been involved with the religions or beliefs of India has been very bad. I applied Reiki to 5 Yoga instructors in Brazil and all of them where in an absolute mess. Then I applied Reiki to others who practice Yoga or follow Indian religions such as believing in Shiva and other such deities and I found that their self preservation is above all hidden behind false smiles to help others but all that they really care about is their pockets and stealing indirectly by pretending that they are actually good people, but the truth is my experience with them has shown me their true dark side, so I warn everyone about this.

My only other concern is that reincarnation is not believed in the three most popular religions of the world (i.e. Christianity, Islam or Judaism). So how can I believe in something that is not shown anywhere else, but above all else a lady recently said to me “there are those with religion that do not have god and there are those without religion, who have god in their hearts”, I am definitely the latter, and most of all I work and live from the heart and I keep to my own beliefs of what I see and feel is what I believe and I have never had reason to believe in reincarnation.

So today I was quite shocked to see this video posted on the Light Workers world website which shows a little boy of 8 years old speaking of his Reincarnation… but wait very cleverly in the middle of the film you will see that his family have written a book about it and well when this comes into play I think, “IS THIS FOR REAL?” or is this just another stunt by these types of people to set the world up in believing their story so that they can sell more books and earn more money…. I am very sceptical about all of these things.

You can see the video here and tell me what you think….
Ok.. so if you can tell me anymore, then please feel free to jump right in there and tell me.

With many thanks and best wishes for an abundance of Love and Light in your life … I thank you and I look forward to your feedback… ♥ ♥ ♥

Written by Ash Ameri on the 8th November 2012


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