Celestial Mindscape Audio Guided Meditation for Success

by Andre Hammer

Please make sure that you have a pair of stereo headphones ready before you start listening to the audio tracks. This will ensure great 3D audio panorama for the best results. The audio files are not recommended for people who operate machinery while listening audio meditation tracks due to a possibility to lose control of the equipment while focusing on the guided meditation,so please make sure you are located in a quiet and safe environment. This doesn't apply to bonus audio tracks that can be used whenever mental alertness is required.


Imagine... Falling so deeply into the core of all being. The ocean of life, gently soothing your inner fire. The waves that slowly absorb your mind.
You are letting it be. Let it go. Let your mind be free. Nothing really matters. No matter what you say or do - you are free. And in this deep sense of freedom you are completely awaken... Free and wild. Like a wind,like an eagle in the deep blue sky... Now take a deep breath and let go of all emotions you might have. Nothing can be as liberating and moving as your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply. With your eyes closed, imagine your-self in white clothing,standing at the edge of a blue waterfall. Feel your-self being empowered by the energy of the waterfall. Within minutes all of your inner tensions will be washed away by the sheer abundant energy of the waterfall. This will set your mind and emotions free. Get ready.
Saying good-bye to your tensions is easy. Simply let your worries be carried away by the waterfall while you remain on top,watching your sorrows are being washed away by the powerful flow of blue water. You are letting go of your old mind patterns,your thoughts and perceptions of your-self. From now on you are no one. Your are free to be become absolutely anyone at this point.
Now you are ready. On the count
three,you will start changing shapes and colors. First, visualize your-self as a crystal clear ball of energy that is hanging right above the waterfall. You are completely free now. See your-self from the outside. You are ready to become an absolute power generator of harmony and joy. You are the magnet that attracts similar energies and expands more and more. Imagine,what type of energy you want to attract the most. What colors do you wish to be associated with. What size suits your dreams?
You can start from imagining little red dot in the center of your energy ball. Now make it grow gently in you. As it grows bigger and bigger it starts changing colors. The colors are mixed and bright. Like a rainbow,the dot is growing bigger and bigger. When it reaches the appropriate size and shape,you are ready to start attracting similar energies near your energy field.
The waterfall starts bringing you drops of water similar to your size,shape and color. These are your energy blocks that life brings you every minute. These blocks are filled with beautiful colors and they all vibrate next to you,forming wonderful alliances with your energy field. They are growing along with you and helping you grow.
The feeling of power and connection with the environment is what makes you feel energized and successful.
Success is not measured by money of fame. Success is measured by the amount of energy your personality has. Your color and shape is what attracts similar energies around you that helps you grow and attract more harmony and joy. Alliance of similar energies creates deeply rooted feeling of satisfaction. Now you are grateful. You are in the state of personal growth and helping others to grow. You are one with the creator of life. The eternal waterfall keeps washing your tensions away while bringing you more and more fresh energy so you can live and prosper.
One love. One life. One big family.

Source: http://www.FreeMindResonance.com

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