Breathe In

by Bhavna

Sometimes there is so much more to life than what we actually feel, we end up limiting ourselves to end number of things without realizing that there is alot more in store for us out there.

We feel, that if one thing goes wrong the whole world has gone upside down and things will remain like this forever without understanding that it is all a phase, a learning process and everything has to do with our karmas.

Do you really think there is no other happiness other than that? Think twice and wait for the right moment, be patient and you will then realize that sometimes letting go was and always is the best option.

:: BREATHE IN ::    

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by: Vakil

Your comment is very timely for me as I find myself impatient with my results and not wanting to let go of what I have. It's a good reminder to breathe out and then breathe in!

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