Beyond Self-realization : God-realization

by Swami Prasad Sharma
(Dona Paula, Goa, India)

Beyond Self-realization : God-realization

Our main objective in the life is to witness and develop divine love - a selfless love in ourselves. Self-realization is the first step in this direction and it is an awakening. It is just one side of the coin. No doubt this achievement is a gateway to lead to the path of divine love, i.e., the other side of the same coin. Self-realisation is revealed to pure souls. In the process ego is completely removed. All vices disappear.

On the other hand is God-realization resulting in total blissful state of mind.

God has power to remain formless or appear in a form for a devotee. In self-realization one comes across the formless God. Till one remains submerged in Samadhi state he is free from all evils. Here is the choice to adopt devotion and serve God in form, i.e., to serve mankind in real sense.

Christ appeared 2000 years ago and is still available to his true devotees for solace. The God in form is available in different parts of the world with different names and forms. Realizing this, one becomes a saint and as a person he is beyond any distinctions. In all circumstances and everywhere he finds divine presence.

In Hinduism, a system of Sanatan Dharm (the eternal religion) exists which is not propounded by any individual but it has included all the divine-related aspects existing in the world and has an explanation and solution for all the situations. All those things, which are proved or still not proved could be found in this. The concept of rebirth is one of the facts, which still has ambiguity in many minds.

But if we take it for granted that rebirth exists then we have to find the causes for it and remove those causes forever. The causes range from desiring to enjoy worldly pleasures to gaining the wisdom that leads to liberation. If no desire in worldly affairs is left and one wishes to be with God, he definitely gets it. In his last life a self-realized soul has one aspiration and that is to serve the needy fellow beings to his capacity, showing the way to real happiness.

Wishing all readers to be with God forever!

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