Becoming an impartial witness

by Swami Prasad Sharma
(Dona Paula, Panaji, Goa)

Becoming an impartial witness

Our intense desires force us to exploit others as a matter of right through various relationships. We are caught in the web of mutual interests, which give rise to conflicts. This situation is similar to a silent volcano and its explosion depends upon favourable conditions. The question arises here how to save myself? It is after the saving of the self that one could embark on telling others who are willing to give an ear.

Most desires are connected with the enjoyment of our senses and the forcing of our views on others. There is the desire to control others or the instinct of possessiveness (persons, beauty, wealth, land, long age, etc.). These desires, if fulfilled, breed the greed for more and more and if not fulfilled they bring disgust in the mind. Disgust in the mind creates anger against those responsible for unfulfillment of our desires, which in turn affects our intellectuality. Finally, such a person is not able to achieve his prime objective of life, i.e., peace and pleasure of mind.

It is in our instinct to desire and to try our might to get it fulfilled. It is a challenge to change this instinct into fulfilling the just desires of others and do our duty (towards family, society, nation, world) even at the cost of our life. This mental transformation from the worldly to the spiritual is the goal which one has to complete finally before emancipation. Then one is related to God with whatever relations, as enumerated in the scriptures and adopted by saints in various lands.

After emancipation, one becomes a witness to the worldly pursuits of others and a guide to those who need guidance in spirituality. Such a person has no interest in guiding people in worldly pursuits. If you carefully study the life of such a person you will definitely find that he has produced more than he has consumed. A meal just sufficient for his bodily sustenance is required, the purpose of which is just for the sake of others. He hardly bothers about a place to stay, rather it may be provided by others if they are interested in him and his guidance. He is not attached to a particular place on earth and doesn’t need an area of pin-point size for himself. He is no more body but spirit.

An egoist mind cannot think of such simplicity and from the above description of the saint, it is clear that he does not bother about his body but takes care of his spirit. The people who get prescriptions for peace of mind from him take care of such a saintly person and in some cases you may find such saintly persons being offered large amounts or best living accommodations. The money offered is normally used for providing facilities to the welfare of the downtrodden, providing medical facilities, education, guidance for mental peace, relief for the survivors of natural calamities, etc.

In fact a saint’s attitude is similar to a witness without personal reaction to events, and he helps those who are having faith and belief in God and wish to pursue spirituality.

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