Accusing the Supreme in disgust

by Swami Prasad Sharma
(Dona Paula, Panaji, Goa)

Accusing the Supreme in disgust

It is mentioned in the Vaishnavite scriptures of Hinduism that the incarnated Lords Rama and Krishna killed many demons and sent them to the same abode as achieved by devotees. It is also mentioned that one is connected to the Lord through love, hate, enmity, or jealousy, and achieves salvation.

Usually it is our natural instinct to find faults and shortcomings in other people, and blame them for our own wrongdoings or failures. Most of us are engaged in pursuing our own interests, and anybody not cooperating, or opposing, is hated or criticized.

What about blaming or accusing God in a state of ruin? Among us, three brothers, each one on different occasions, happened to accuse the Supreme Power angrily in disgust, sometime between the age of 30 and 35. Following are the situations which prompted us to do so:

My elder brother was not well physically, feeling a kind of fever for a long time, which made him feel tired in the afternoons. In this condition, his wife deserted him at the insistence of her elder sister, leaving three daughters behind with him. His income was also meager from his private job and frequent absences. One day while working at the workplace he stopped for a moment and accused God with a killer’s instinct thus: “O Supreme Power of this creation whosoever You are! Listen here. I curse You until the elder sister responsible for the separation is punished, and also until all my daughters are married, and if I happen to die I shall continue to curse You for hundreds of lives.” Within a month he heard that his wife’s sister lost her legs while crossing a railway line. He wondered that He really exists, and listens, and also, he realized that the Supreme Authority had seriously taken note of his provocation. Himself being of kind nature he repented and pleaded with God not to harm her any more. In due course of time all the daughters were married off satisfactorily. Moreover, he lost his job at the age of 56, as his job as a typesetter was taken over by computers. Then he adopted performing priestly jobs and is now enjoying a happy life at the age of 65. He has progressed well in spirituality with a firm belief in the formless God.

One day, my younger brother found that both his sons, aged 5 and 7 years, were missing for 2-3 hours. He tried to find them in the locality but got no trace of them. Then he had it announced on the loud-speaker. Being a devotee of the Mother Goddess he went to the temple and standing in front of the main gate he furiously addressed the Goddess thus: “O cruelest Mother of the Universe! I hate You. You gave me two sons and took them away together. Who would love You if Your devotee falls in such a sorrowful state. Fie on You! Soon after he found that both his sons had been brought back by neighbourhood ladies. In fact, both sons traveled by a city bus and alighted at the terminal station where they being without a parent, were picked up by the ladies. They had gone purchasing wedding material in the market and returned after 3 hours. Now the brother was shedding tears of repentance in front of the temple. The Mother Goddess inspired him, too, to leave the job of fitter and go for a priest’s job. He was not sure of his success but now over the years he has turned into a perfect priest.

I too accused God holding Him responsible for all the bad things happening in the world (See my article: Death – a great spiritual teacher, indeed!). I got an appropriate reply and it appeared to me as if it came from the sky. Immediately I surrendered to God (formless at that time and later to the God with form) with all humility.

In the above situations we blamed the Supreme Authority of the universe but this resulted in the development of deep faith and love. In fact the devotion starts when we realize our misconceptions. Then our love for God blossoms.

There are the situations when something occurs against our expectations in spite of our sincere efforts. In such cases actions of innumerable previous births seem to be convincing. In the scriptures we find three kinds of actions of previous lives and their reactions to our credit, namely, (i) accumulated reactions of innumerable actions of previous lives, (ii) reactions of those actions fixed for annulling in the present life, and (iii) reactions generated due to actions in the present life.

An interesting question may be raised here. Who organizes the reactions of our actions and takes note of each of our actions? In fact it is the person affected by our selfish actions who makes a mental determination to pay back in the same coin. The situation is organized for reactions in due course of time, naturally. A person who is not aware of his rebirth and finds himself in a horrible condition happens to blame God. Normally a person realizes his rebirth in the life in which he attains the completeness of his objective of salvation. The best form of salvation is considered to be through perfect knowledge (going beyond all kinds of concepts) and devotion (selfless love).
God not only corrects our convictions and puts us on the righteous path but also helps us to get rid of the disgust forever and lead a life of love for self and others.
Usually in the life in which a person realizes the value of selfless love through the grace of God, he considers his body (provided by nature) as blessed and sacred.

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