A Testimonial: In The Presence Of The Father

The statements given below were written in May of 2001. If the words are repeated over and over again, they will seem to take on a power unto themselves, and eventually, the reader will feel the ecstasy that comes from God. For the origin of these words, go to http://circle2us.wordpress.com/a-spiritual-path

Existence consists of the physical domain and the nonphysical domain.

The physical domain includes the universe in which humans and other life forms exist.

The nonphysical domain consists of the Kingdom of God and the outlying regions.

The nonphysical domain is more concrete than the physical domain, not the other way around.

All of existence arises from the Lord God.

The purpose of existence is to experience existence; the purpose of life is to experience life.

The purpose of the universe is to provide a home for the development and sustenance of life.

There is life, and in particular intelligent life, on a multitude of planets circling stars located in galaxies throughout the universe.

Humans possess a body that is part of the physical domain and a soul that is part of the non-physical domain.

The soul originates in the nonphysical domain, co-exists with the body during the lifetime of the body, and then returns to the nonphysical domain upon death of the body.

In the physical domain, nothing can be known about what anything actually is; we can only know something about how things work.

For example, we cannot know exactly what matter is, although we can give names to the components of matter.

However, we can (and do) know something about the properties and functionality of matter.

The physical domain was designed to operate on its own.
Hence, the evolution of the universe does not require intervention by God, but nevertheless there is intervention on a selective basis.

The Kingdom of God is structured with the House of God located at the Central Point.

Encircling the Central Point is the Inner Circle of God where a multitude of beings exists within the presence of God.

Entry into the Inner Circle is based on a measure of goodness and love for God.

The Light of God permeates the Inner Circle and beyond, extending far out to a boundary that marks the beginning of the outlying regions.

A multitude of souls exists between the Inner Circle and the boundary with the outer regions.

These souls are bathed in the Light of God, but they do not exist within His presence.

The outlying regions are completely devoid of the Light of God; there is only the artificial light of fire that is generated by the beings who rule that domain.

The souls in the outlying regions are at the mercy of the beings that rule there.

This complete separation from God is a result of rejecting Him and not making any effort to seek redemption.

Committing sin or having prejudice against others is a form of rejecting God.

The goal of every being should be to exist within the presence of God; that is, to be in the Inner Circle of God.

Those who are in the Inner Circle of God find His magnificence to be overwhelming.

Saying that one believes in God is saying very little.

Loving the Lord God with all your heart and soul should be the basis for one’s relationship with Him.

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