5 Minute Morning Meditation Script

Make sure that you are in a comfortable sitting position with your back straight and close your eyes. Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Repeat quietly in your mind, today is a great day.

As you breathe slowly and deeply imagine a vibrant yellow light flow into your body with every breath you take. This yellow light is charged with a powerful positive energy, so with every breath you take your body will become naturally energised. You may feel a slight tingling as this positive yellow energy spreads throughout your entire body, recharging every cell and every part of you. As your life-force is recharged with this positive, vibrant energy, you feel simple pleasure in being alive; you begin to look forward to this great day. I want you to embrace this feeling. Give yourself permission to feel great, to feel great about yourself.

Now I want you to quietly repeat in your mind, I am energised, I am healthy, I feel great.

Just be quietly aware in the back of your mind that with every breath you take your body and energy will continue to recharge, so keep your breathing nice and deep.

Now I want you to smile to yourself and pay attention to how that simple little smile improves your overall morning mood. Try to keep that smile on your face, while you repeat quietly in your mind after me:

I love my life
I am grateful for my life
I love who I am
I am confident
I am loved
I am happy
I feel great about myself
I am safe and I feel safe
Today everything is fun and easy
Today wonderful things happen to me
I am allowing myself to enjoy this day
Today is a great day

Now it is time to begin your great day. Begin by gently stretching your back and arms, wiggle your toes and listen to the sounds around you. Know that when you open your eyes you will be wide awake, feeling energised and ready for a great day. Open your eyes and enjoy this great day.

Copyright 2014 Susanne Kempken.
You may use this script to read to a class or group, however you may not reproduce it in audio or video formats. You may republish it on your own website provided that you include the following credit (including an active link) whenever you do so:

Guided meditation script by Susanne Kempken from www.The-Guided-Meditation-Site.com

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