5 Minute Confidence Booster Meditation Script

Make sure that you are sitting comfortably with your back straight and close your eyes. Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat quietly in your mind, I am confident and I feel great.

Keep breathing slowly and deeply, pull your breath right down into your belly.

Imagine a white light high above your head. With every breath you take it comes closer and closer, until it touches the top of your head. This light is pure source energy, streaming down from your higher mind. It’s here to help you, to recharge you and fill you with a positive self-confidence. Allow it to flow into you. You may feel a slight tingling as this pure energy gently flows into your head, giving you focus, then down into your throat, helping you to express yourself with confidence, then down into your chest, spreading a feeling of easy, loving confidence in your heart. The energy continues to flow down into your solar plexus, your power centre, where it gathers into a ball of inner strength and personal power. With every breath you take it grows bigger and brighter, filling every part of you with a natural, easy self-confidence. You are a magnificent human being. You deserve to be confident.

Now I want you to quietly repeat in your mind, I am strong, I am confident, I feel great.

As you continue to breathe slowly and deeply, take note of how you are feeling. Now straighten your spine, push back your shoulders and slightly lift your chin. Take note of how this small adjustment in your posture makes you feel more confident. Focus on this feeling and repeat quietly in your mind after me:

I am strong
I am powerful
I am confident
I am talented
I am respected
I am loved
I feel great about myself
I deserve to be confident
It is easy for me to feel confident
I am in charge of my life
I can do anything
Today everything is easy

Now it is time to bring yourself back. Begin by gently stretching your back and arms, wiggle your toes and listen to the sounds around you. Know that when you open your eyes you will be wide awake, feeling energised and confident, and ready for anything. Open your eyes and enjoy a wonderful and confident day.

Copyright 2015 Susanne Kempken. 
You may use this script to read to a class or group, however you may not reproduce it in audio or video formats. You may republish it on your own website provided that you include the following credit (including an active link) whenever you do so:

Guided meditation script by Susanne Kempken from www.The-Guided-Meditation-Site.com

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