Visualization Adventure
Meditations For Children

Visualization Adventures Meditations For Children is a generous collection of guided meditation journeys that are perfect for children between the ages of 3 and 15 (and also for adults who are children at heart!) Each meditation features a blend of magical music and enchanting visualizations that will help your child to relax and explore their inner world in a safe, fun and peaceful way.

Duration: 9 Tracks - 59 minutes
Author: David, Bharat and Neeta Sanders
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A few words about this guided meditation

These relaxing meditations are a wonderful way for children to explore and enhance their imagination. As you listen to the soothing sound of piano, guitar and keyboard melodies, your friendly guide will lead you to the far reaches of the Earth and beyond. You'll meet fairies, animals and other wonderful creatures as you traverse forests, deserts, mountains, space, and even take a deep-sea dive!

These meditations are non-religious, they are just the right duration for children, and each one teaches life lessons and character development in an enriching way.

Visualization Adventure Meditations For Children will help your kids to relax, feel good about themselves and learn positive life lessons in the process. These delightful journeys can be used for recreational purposes any time you like, but they are also a great way to start the day with a positive outlook and a fun way to settle down for bedtime.


Preview Track 1 - Mystical Desert Experience - Gratitude (7:35)
Preview Track 2 - Journey into the Ocean - Serenity (5:00)
Preview Track 3 - A Walk in the Woods - Being in the Moment (4:25)
Preview Track 4 - The Mountain Climb - Perseverance (5:25)
Preview Track 5 - Dancing in the Snow - Purity & Unity (6:14)
Preview Track 6 - Voyage into Space - Loving Mother Earth & All Are One (9:10)
Preview Track 7 - Adventure in Toyland - Service to Mankind (6:15)
Preview Track 8 - Fairies in Woodland - Helping Save the Environment (9:33)
Preview Track 9 - Guided Light Meditation - Purification (5:13)

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