Symptoms of Malnutrition in Developed Countries

by Adam Greger
(Houston, Texas, USA)

We all have heard and read about famines and malnutrition in African countries and we have seen skinny and sick people there.

This is why when you use the term malnutrition, most people, if not all of them, are going to think about Africa, but malnutrition is very common even in our developed world!

In simpler terms, malnutrition is when your body isn’t getting the right amounts or quality of nutrients.

So, I’m not going to talk to you here about some African country in the Sahara desert or Somalia, I’ll be dealing with malnutrition in regions like the US or Europe!

Believe it or not, we do have malnutrition in rich countries and it’s terrible for the health of the people, the economy and even for our future.

Let’s talk now about the most obvious signs of malnutrition in a rich country, this will surprise you:

  • The first sign or malnutrition is having a big fat belly.

A fat belly doesn’t mean that the person is in good health and feeling great, it means one thing: he is taking too many calories in his diet.

That’s the first reason for a person to get a very fat belly, it’s getting too much foods.

But does eating a lot mean that the person is well-fed and healthy?

Absolutely not, it means that the body is getting too much of one thing and too little of other important things.

In this case, too much fat in the diet.

Here is the most amazing thing about food: it’s not meant to make you feel full, it’s meant to give you the proper nutrients to have a strong body and to be healthy.

That’s the first reason for eating, not to stop feeling hungry, but to be healthy and to give your body what it requires of balanced energy and nutrients.

  • The second sign of malnutrition is feeling fatigued all the time.

It’s the second most obvious sign of malnutrition nowadays; most people suffer from it.

You will notice people doing this: drinking energy and sugary drinks and eating energy bars all day long.

The truth about these drinks and foods is that they are not filled with energy; they are just filled with caffeine and too much sugar!

That’s the truth about these foods.

If you feel that your energy is running out all the time and very quickly, then you are probably lacking some very important nutrients.

Here is what you can do about it: start eating your vegetables!

That’s the advice your mother probably have told you in the past, and it’s a true one, it will help you get the right nutrients again into your diet.

The most important vegetables to focus on are dark green leafy vegetables, especial spinach and broccoli; they are the most nutrient dense vegetables.

  • The third sign of malnutrition in modern people is constipation.

When you are constipated, it doesn’t mean that you are stressed like the doctors like to tell you, what it means is that you are not getting enough fiber in your diet.

It’s one of the most important things to get in your day to day living because it’s going to help you chase away the toxins from your body.

Fifteen grams a day are what’s recommended, but the reality is that you will need to eat more to balance the amount of fibers with the amount of processed foods you are eating every single day.

Of course, there are some easy and very healthy habits you can start doing, one of these is eating ground flaxseeds every day, two table spoons are going to provide you with more than thirty percent of your fiber’s needs, plus, it’s also very rich with antioxidants and essential minerals.

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