Naturopathy air therapy

by pvsunita

Air Therapy Meditation and Exercise

Naturopathy has gifted us with several forms of air therapy procedures to help us rejuvenate. Simple joyful procedures like candle blowing and balloon blowing have bestowed health benefits. All health enthusiasts need a change from routine air therapy formats to transform regular lung exercise in to something more productive. Bansuri pranayama is a new version of air therapy that helps break the silent routine with the aid of breath exercise that uses sound, intonation and music.
Bansuri pranayama is the “art and science of performing pranayama exercises along with the silent intonation of Pranav mantras with the help of bansuri”. This therapy is a novel attempt to introduce the golden element of “Pranav mantra” to augment breath. Sound and breath goes hand in hand to bring about rejuvenation. Sound includes both intonation and music as per the patient’s choice.
This therapy involves three elements to motivate breathing,
The user is introduced to the wind equipment that will motivate him in to breathing. The choice of equipment’s are presented to the crowd , that will range from end blown flute, native American flute, bansuri, pan pipe, wooden ocarina, conch shell etc.
The therapy is normally performed using the golden bamboo flute since they allow maximum air flow with its wide holes that allows for intonation and relaxed breathing.
Pranav mantra:
The Therapy has introduced the golden element called Pranav mantra as “building block”. They are building blocks to religion, health, music, language, science and all that which exists.
They are connoted as seeds of the void that take the form of light, color, vibration and sound. With reference to health, they help augment breathing.
A list of Pranav mantra is vocally recited in a rhyme intonation for the user to remember.
1. Cham, chaam, chaum ,
2. am, aam, aum,
3. pam, paam, paum,
4. bam, baam, baum.
The user silently intonates these sound units in to the flute.
Pranayama is regarded as willful control of breath and consciousness to attain a specific state of health awareness.
We need to use the appropriate neck, heart or belly area muscles to release air out when performing the neck, heart and belly level breathing.
In breath:
All the in-breath in bansuri pranayama is deep intake of breath; the breathing classification pertains exclusively to outbreath.
The therapy teaches metered breath retention, breath input and output. This can be done with the help of musical metronome or can also be performed manually.
The various pranayama procedures that can be demonstrated using this therapy are:
Bee breath, Tao breath, Ujjaiyi breath, whistle blow breath, kapalabhati pranayama, laughing breath, Om breath, nadi shodan.
Eg. Bee Breath bansuri pranayama:
Bee Breath
The bee breath involves, intake of deep breath to the count of three and blowing the breath out with the help of bansuri to the same time count. As you blow, we make the breathing sound intonation “zzzzz” as in a bee buzz. We can also use Pranav mantras “um”, “zam”, “un”, “zaum” and “zum” by performing silent intonation while breathing out in to the flute.
Repeat the same procedure to continue the exercise. It helps attain an attentive beta state like the active buzzing bee. This process activates throat chakra.
The user can visit to attend a virtual presentation of this therapy.
The elements of bansuri, Pranav mantra and pranayama are melded to perform a unique musical exercise therapy called bansuri pranayama.
Benefits of the therapy:
The multifold benefits attained through this therapy can be listed as below:
1. Breath management exercise
2. Chakra activation
3. Meditation for positive mood change
4. All age group low pressure aerobic therapy
5. Joy of playing music for health.
6. System detoxification
7. Good metabolism
8. Mudras that augment acupressure point for air flow
9. A good precursor to yoga nidra related meditations.

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