Distributing Your Audio Productions
At The Guided Meditation Site

If you are reading this page, then you have been personally invited to distribute your audio productions on The Guided Meditation Site.

The purpose of this page is to give you more information about The Guided Meditation Site and to answer your most likely questions.

A little history on The Guided Meditation Site

The Guided Meditation Site is on its way to becoming one of the top guided meditation websites on the Internet. While it is still a young website, in less than three years it has grown to include around 300 pages of content and now has a page 1 Google rank for the search term "guided meditation".

As I write this (January 2011) The Guided Meditation Site has over 10,000 subscribers and receives over 1,500 unique visitors per day. Its daily traffic, Google rankings and subscription rate are all constantly increasing.

A little bit about Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Two of my greatest loves in life are meditation and music composition. I have been composing music and practicing formal meditation for over 15 years now.

At the end of 2008 I helped to sell my family business and left my job as the executive director to pursue my dream of becoming a full time composer.

As a composer and music producer, I had already worked with many types of therapists and holistic healers to create therapeutic music for guided meditations, relaxation and hypnosis. My experiences in this area led to me to start two websites in early 2009:

The Guided Meditation Site and Royalty Free Meditation Music.com.

Both of these websites have been successful and I am now happily living my dream of composing beautiful music for a living, while helping large numbers of people enhance their quality of life through meditation.

What I'm planning...

Over the months and years ahead, I will publish a complete selection of guided meditations from individuals who have experience in one or more of the following areas.

• Guided meditations for relaxation
• Various spiritual guided meditations
• Healing meditations (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)
• Guided meditations for children and teens
• Angel guided meditations
• Meditations for pain management
• Guided mindfulness meditations
• Guided meditations for anxiety relief
• Guided meditations for forgiveness
• Guided meditations for pregnancy / birthing / post natal
• Meditation for enhancing athletic performance
• Meditations for love / relationships
• Law of attraction meditations
• General stress relief guided meditations
• Meditations for overcoming various personal limitations

Ultimately, I intend to create an online resource that offers a truly complete range of high quality guided meditation downloads.

Do you qualify for inclusion?

We need to tick a few boxes before you can become a part of The Guided Meditation Site, but if you have been personally invited to this page then you can probably already say "yes" to all of the following questions...

1. Do you have a qualification that is related to meditation/hypnosis/psychology etc?

2. Do you have some experience teaching meditation and/or the subject matter that you present in your guided meditations?

3. Have your guided meditations recorded to a high standard (ideally they will have been professionally recorded)?

4. Do you have a PayPal account?

What’s in it for you?

I can't promise that you’re going to make a fortune as an artist represented by The Guided Meditation Site, but you will most certainly earn a regular monthly income.

You will also gain a lot of exposure to a worldwide audience of people who are interested in meditation, relaxation, personal development, holistic healing and spiritual growth.

Last but not least, you will enhance your credibility as a professional in your field through your involvement with such a high profile website.

It's important to me is that this feels right to you, and that you're happy to be involved regardless of whether you make $20 per month or $500 per month.

It is my hope that you can recognize the potential in this website and the potential for future growth for us both! In the years to come, The Guided Meditation Site may become the world’s most popular place to download guided meditations. I have every intention of developing the site until this is achieved.

What will it cost you to join The Guided Meditation Site?

Nothing. You will not pay any upfront costs or ongoing fees of any type.

I will cover all the costs involved in the distribution of your meditation audio, such as:

Website management and hosting.
E-commerce and file hosting.
PayPal transaction fees.

What will I earn?

You will earn a commission of 50% of the net sale amount whenever your audio downloads are sold.

Will you be able to log in and track your sales?

We are working on implementing a sales tracking system, but this is not yet available. You will receive a detailed sales report each month, but you will not be able to access sales data for The Guided Meditation Site directly.

Are There Any Contracts to Sign?

Just one. As a professional producer, it's important that I am given formal permission to distribute your audio productions on your behalf, and that you have the security of knowing that your work will be treated with the highest respect. I will sign a short, simple license agreement with you to that end.

When will you be paid?

You will receive one payment per month, within the first week of each month. Your payment (in US dollars) will be the total that you are owed from the previous month’s sales.

During March you sold a total of $100 of products.You will be paid a commission of $50 within the first week of April.

What are your responsibilities?

Once your guided meditations have been published on The Guided Meditation Site there will be nothing for you to do except receive a monthly payment. I will handle everything from the design of your meditation CD images (if necessary) to file management and web publication.

However...It is possible that a customer may contact me and ask a specific question about one of your products that only you know the answer to. In these cases I will contact you and ask you for advice. This is a very rare occurrence, but it is important that you are available to offer assistance should the need arise.

How do you get started?

Before I publish your guided meditation(s), I will ask you for the following information:

• Your PayPal email address (yes – you must have a PayPal account).
• A digital photo of yourself (required for your personal profile page).
• A personal bio – a short description of you, your credentials, your experiences, your profession etc (I will publish this information on The Guided Meditation Site).
• Your audio files (more information on this shortly).
• I will also need information about your guided meditations:
~Exact duration and number of tracks
~A written description of your guided meditations.

Audio files – formats and transfers

Please provide your audio in MP3 format. Anything higher than 192 kbps is acceptable. Need assistance with this? Feel free to contact me.

Transferring your audio files
One of the easiest ways to transfer your audio files is via Sendspace: www.sendspace.com.

This free service allows you to send files of up to 300MB in size. Please send to the email address: christopher@the-guided-meditation-site.com

Your rights

YOU keep the copyright to your recording. You created it, you own it. That will never change.

You are free to sell your guided meditations on other websites. Once again, you created it, you own it. This is not an exclusive distribution agreement.

You can discontinue your guided meditations on The Guided Meditation Site if you wish. Provided that you give three months notice, you can elect to discontinue the distribution of your guided meditations at any time.

What Next?

At this point, I am simply extending my hand to you and asking you to express your interest in becoming involved with The Guided Meditation Site.

I understand that it's not always possible to give a "yes or no" answer straight away and that you may have many questions before you make a decision. So please feel free to ask me any questions at all.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Christopher Lloyd Clarke, B.Sc, D.Msc
Director: Spire Audio
Founder of The Guided Meditation Site and Royalty Free Meditation Music.com.