Affirmations to Relieve Hypertension

Relax, heal, balance and restore your health.

Duration: 40 minutes
Author: Harry Henshaw
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A few words about these Affirmations For Hypertension

In this positive affirmation download, specially selected affirmations have been blended with soothing therapeutic music to help you relax and lower your blood pressure to a more healthy level.

These relaxing affirmations are particularly effective in breaking down the kinds of negative thought patterns which contribute to tension, replacing them with far more positive thoughts that will help you to feel relaxed, safe and at peace with life.

This download is a powerful tool for eliminating hypertension and its causes, and it's also great for any time you want to slow down, de-stress and give your body a chance to rest. This recording also utilizes the power of theta frequency binaural tones to further enhance the effectiveness of the affirmations.