Here Is A Method That Is Helping People Achieve Better Meditation

by Max
(Salt Lake City, Utah, United States)

Meditation can be interpreted in different ways by different people. Put concisely, it is a process by which you try to control the mind and its thought process so that it is beneficial to the mental and the physical well-being of the individual.

However, the mind can be very fickle, making it difficult to keep it focused at one point. The senses, have long been used in prayers and rituals, to focus the mind. Essential oils can thus become an important tool in helping meditation through the sense of smell.

How are essential oils used? They can be used in several ways:

1. Topical Application: An essential oil blend can be applied to the third eye area, in the forehead between the eyebrows. Sometimes in case of physical ailments like arthritis and other conditions, the mixture is applied on the affected area for healing.

2. Aromatherapy: This is how essential oils are most commonly used. When essential oils are diffused in the meditation area through a diffuser, these oils are effective for long periods of time and help to aid in the process of effective meditation, focus, and relaxation.

3. Essential oils can also be diffused through a burner for lingering effect.

7 Best Essential Oils For Better Meditation, Focus, and Relaxation:

1. Frankincense Oil: This is an oil used from biblical times and is believed to be extremely useful in meditation. It helps with relaxation as well as grounding.

2. Cedarwood Oil: Also known as Cedrus Atlantica, it has a sweet fragrance resembling that of camphor. It is useful in relaxation, upliftment, and also has curative effects in certain respiratory conditions like bronchitis. This is believed to be because of its capacity to soften thick mucus secretions formed in such conditions.

3. Rose Oil: This is used in meditation from ancient times, both by itself and in combination with other oils. It helps by improving the vibrations during meditation.

4. Vetiver Oil: This is a root, the extract of which helps in relaxation, as well as connecting with our roots.The physical benefits include curing sleeplessness, relieving the aches and pains associated with arthritis and other musculo-skeletal disorders. It is also effective in certain kinds of skin diseases.

5. Sandalwood Oil: This has been used since time immemorial, in Hindu meditation techniques. It has a cooling effect and is applied as an anointment as well as diffused for its aroma.

6. Rosemary Oil: The fragrance of Rosemary is useful in meditation, particularly for people undergoing emotional upheavals. It improves self-esteem and brings about joy and peace.

7. Lavender Oil: This essential oil is extremely effective in reducing stress. It clears the area and brings in positive vibrations. It offers relief from grief and other negative feelings and brings about peace.

To increase the effectiveness of essential oils, sometimes combinations of these oils are made. Some such combinations include:

1. Frankincense and Cedarwood in equal proportions for grounding meditation.

2. Lavender and Cedarwood for relaxation.

3. Rose and Sandalwood in proportion of 1:5. This can be particularly useful for people with emotional issues and helps the healing process.


Meditation is a time tested technique for healing several emotional and physical conditions, by imparting positive energies and sharpening our thought processes. The use of essential oils can act as an important tool to help and support this process. So, the next time you try to meditate, I hope that you will enhance your experience by incorporating essential oils.

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