Healing Meditations

A substantial collection of therapeutic visualizations to heal your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Duration: 15 Tracks - 2 Hours & 22 Minutes
Author: David, Bharat and Neeta Sanders
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A few words about this guided meditation

This Healing Meditation Collection is both informative and experiential. It includes a thorough discourse on the science of healing so you can understand once and for all "the art of healing yourself". Recommendations for further reading are also provided should you wish to advance your knowledge even further.

Not only will you develop a good understanding of human energy systems and how to use visualization, meditation and breathing techniques to bring yourself to a state of perfect health, you’ll be guided to experience these techniques for yourself. The vast majority of the content in these meditations is dedicated to helping you put your knowledge into practice. Each meditation experience is easy to follow and very relaxing. Each is narrated skilfully and blended with soothing music.

If perfect health is important to you, or if wholeness of mind, body and spirit is something that you feel drawn to, then we encourage you to experience these healing meditations for yourself. They really are a powerful and life changing tool for self-growth.

Please Note:
This large collection of MP3 audio is almost 2.5 hours in total, so if you wish to burn these MP3's to CD, you will require 2 blank CD's.


Preview Track 1 - Knowledge of Healing (27:36)
Preview Track 2 - Meditation Technique To Maintain Correct Posture (6:03)
Preview Track 3 - Meditation Technique To Practice Correct Breathing (4:21)
Preview Track 4 - Smiling Into Your Body (12:02)
Preview Track 5 - Watching The Clouds, Explanation (0:52)
Preview Track 6 - Watching The Clouds (7:20)
Preview Track 7 - Healing Room, Featuring Color Therapy (14:31)
Preview Track 8 - Chakra Cleansing, Explanation (7:43)
Preview Track 9 - Chakra Cleansing Using Singing Bowls And Beej Mantras (21:03)
Preview Track 10 - Light Meditation (8:57)
Preview Track 11 - Sohum Breathing Technique, Explanation (4:10)
Preview Track 12 - Sohum Breathing Technique (11:08)
Preview Track 13 - Vacuuming Technique For Inner Cleansing (7:42)
Preview Track 14 - Vacuuming Technique For Cleansing Outer Environments (4:59)
Preview Track 15 - Bonus Track - Light Meditation Song (3:31)


These Healing Meditations are not intended to be a substitute for medical care.  If you are dealing with any sort of mental or emotional disorder, are undergoing psychotherapy, are experiencing seizures, or have any other neurological disease, we suggest that you consult your physician or therapist and use these meditations under their supervision.

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