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If you have created a guided meditation using Christopher Lloyd Clarke's royalty free music (available from, then we'll help you promote it to the world. You can display your guided meditation permanently on this website where it will be displayed to thousands of visitors, and we will never ask you for a cent.

Christopher Lloyd Clarke

"As a meditation music composer, I've worked with many meditation teachers, holistic healers and therapists to help them create guided meditations. One of the main reasons I created this website was to help them reach a wider audience with their work. I'm happy to extend the same support to you."
Christopher Lloyd Clarke, B.Sc, D.Msc. Founder of The Guided Meditation Site.

How does all this work? Is it really free?

In our one-of-a-kind meditation audio directory we will publish a full page promotion of your guided meditation along with an image (if you have one) and a link to your website.

This free service is part of our plan to bring meditation to more people around the world, and to help you connect with a much bigger audience. Tens of thousands of people visit The Guided Meditation Site every month, so a listing in our directory is bound to send some extra visitors to your site each day.

The only thing we ask in return is that you place a link to The Guided Meditation Site on your website where your meditation is displayed. You can add a simple text link in the footnotes of your page, or you can use one of our handsome banner links to add some extra "oomph" and credibility to your meditation. Here's an example of what these banners look like:

The Guided Meditation

This is a free service, but it's reserved for special people.

Promotional listings in our meditation directory are reserved for people who have purchased a royalty free license to use Christopher Lloyd Clarke's relaxation music in their guided meditation recording.

"These free promotions are my way of returning the favour to people who have supported me by using my music to create their guided meditations, and they are an important part of my commitment to helping professional therapists and healers."
Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke.
Founder of The Guided Meditation Site &

Ready to promote your meditation?

Just follow this link to visit our meditation audio directory and fill out the form near the top of the page. The submission process will only take you a few minutes. Once you are done, we will review your submission and then provided that you have followed our submission guidelines, we will publish your promotional page within a few days. Your promotional page will then become a permanent part of our website. That's all there is to it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I promote multiple guided meditations?
Yes. If you have used Christopher Lloyd Clarke's music to create multiple meditations, then you can create promotional pages for ALL of them.

I don't have any graphics for my guided meditation. Will you still promote me?
Yes of course. The inclusion of images is preferred but by no means essential.

I want to give my guided meditation away for free. Do I still qualify for a promotion?
Of course. Whether you sell your guided meditation or give it away for free, we are happy to support you.

Will you be selling my meditation for me?
No. We will support you by referring visitors directly to your website so that they can purchase your meditation directly from you. However, every now and then we do take on board new artists at The Guided Meditation Site and sell their meditations directly to our customers while paying out a 50% commission each month. If we are really impressed with your work (and especially if you have created multiple meditations) then we may reach out to you and offer you this opportunity. You may also contact us to ask us to consider selling your guided meditations for you. We are always looking for new meditations to offer to our customers so we are happy to consider you. 

The (not so) fine print

• This free service is a not a guarantee of sales. While you will experience an increase in web traffic as a result of your listing, we offer no guarantees as to whether or not this will result in additional income.

• PLEASE CONTACT US if you ever remove your guided meditation, or if you move it to a new web page. We'd like to keep all our outbound links up to date.

• Your listing will be permanent so long as you maintain a link to The Guided Meditation site on your website.

• We reserve the right to move your listing as necessary to avoid congestion on our website. As the number of listings grows, we may need to group listings into sub-categories so that our visitors can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

• We reserve the right to approve or deny submissions at our sole discretion.

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