Forgiveness Affirmations

Relax, release yourself from the past and find peace.

Duration: 32 minutes
Author: Harry Henshaw
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A few words about these Forgiveness Affirmations

The positive affirmations in this wonderful recording will really help you to achieve a state of forgiveness, by releasing you from anger, blame, hurt and other negative, damaging emotions.

Forgiveness is absolutely essential to your overall wellbeing. To be a truly complete person, free from the chains of the past, forgiveness is something that you must embrace in your life.

These forgiveness affirmations will help you to let go and move forward by releasing you from any attachments to the past so that you can be free and present in the moment, the Now.

These specially selected positive affirmations have been blended with therapeutic relaxation music, so that the process of forgiveness will be as relaxing and as complete as it possibly can be for you. This recording also utilizes the power of theta binaural audio tones to further enhance its effectiveness.