Confidence Affirmations

Discover true inner strength and start living life to the fullest!

Duration: 26 minutes
Author: Harry Henshaw
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A few words about these Confidence Affirmations

Combined with soothing music, the positive affirmations in this recording will greatly enhance and support your desire to have more confidence and inner strength in your life.

The amount of confidence you have affects nearly every aspect of your life, and it has a huge impact on the success of your efforts to achieve your goals, or to be the person you truly want to be.

This Confidence Affirmation Program utilizes specially chosen positive affirmations and therapeutic relaxation music to assist you in enhancing your sense of confidence. This recording also utilizes the power of theta binaural audio tones to further enhance its effectiveness.

Affirmations for confidence really can have a huge impact on the way you feel about yourself and your life as a whole. It's an unfortunate truth that many, many people suffer from low levels of confidence and self-estem these days, but by spending just a little time focussing on a more positive self image, your confidence levels can really soar.

The effects of positive affirmations are cumulative, so not only will these confidence affirmations give you an instant boost, when used used regularly they can really help to transform the way you think and feel about yourself.